Sunday, November 29, 2009

Accent for Worgen and Goblins With a Litte Extra

So as anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of the voice acting in WoW. So this is something I have thought a bit about. I know there is already Goblins in the game and I love the fact that they have a New Yorker type accent. I think it fits perfectly with them. Although I believe they can and should be redone a little bit for the expansion. But I am pretty sure our favourite "Time is Money" and "If you ever need anything" are here to stay. The random emotes of theirs is something I am looking forward to.

So now comes Worgen. What should there accent be? We have Greeks with Draenei, Scottish wise Dwarves, Jamaican with Trolls, Germans with Broken, and of course Nordic with Tuskarr. Apparently after doing some reading Taurens are modeled after Canadian accents. Maybe I was supposed to play a Tauren. Anyways back on topic. Lets take a look at what we know about Worgens
  • Their Architecture seems very Victorian or even eastern European
  • They change into Werewolves
  • Seem to be Gothic in nature
  • Outcasts from normal human society

So that is off the top of my head. So this tends to make me think and lean toward and Old English accent or Romanian. Now of course I have no say in this and it has already been decided. Pretty much like my dances post a while back, but its fun to speculate.

So people have asked me where they can hear all the boss voices without actually doing the bosses. So since this is a post about voices I thought I would throw this in at the end. These are my basically my favourite boss voices the game has had enjoy.

One last thing next Friday's post will be "Yes I Really Heard Someone Say That" I think the title explains it all. You have till next Thursday evening to get your submissions in.


  1. I agree on the worgen point and OMG where is that first guy from thats awesome

  2. I think they should change the goblin voice for these ones to something new. And where is Kael's voice that thing is epic!


  3. Love C'Thun voice and ya an Old English Worgen would make sense from what I have seen and heard

  4. Where is the whole vampire culture from anyway? Wherever that is should be the kind of accent they have.

  5. Hey Gauss finally signed up to your site. I think your awesome and funny. You helped me a few times and didn't make fun of me when I was I said something stupid. So no matter what people say you're a great guy and of course no how to play.

    I guess I wrote in here and its not really on topic, but I couldn't find your email so I hope you can forgive me. Have a great day and cannot wait to see what you write about next.

  6. hi Gauss! yay I am following your blog :) So I am so not as bad a player as when you first met me that is if you remember me which you probably don't lol. So I like what you have here I will be sure to read it all :P and be sure to ask like a million questions about stuff that I have no clue about rofl. Have fun and I will talk to you later.

  7. I think I am going to play a Worgen. Think it would be pretty cool. Then I can tell you what their accent is too. :)

  8. Play a worgen you're an idiot who probably lined up for hours to watch the twilight movie. That like screams fail isn't that right Gauss?

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