Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gauss Thinks Outloud

Today's post is going to be serious so if you're looking for a laugh you won't find it today. There will be plenty of that tomorrow when I post peoples vent stories. So if you're up to reading something which by all intensive purposes will be rather long then do so otherwise you can wait till tomorrow.

So many if not all of you probably remember Kevin. The boy whose mother emailed me and asked me to send something to her son. I know I didn't update you all on this, but he doing better. Still in the hospital but he is much more upbeat. I get 1-2 emails from him a week and I always respond to him to find out how things are going and if he is improving. This post isn't going to be about Kevin, but I think he is part of the reason I am posting it. This is going to be more about how I think WoW has amazed me.

I always think about when WoW ends what will people think about. What will they reflect back on? Myself I know I have met many people from all over the world with a wide variety of personalities and ages. Some if not all I never would have spoken a word to if I saw them in real life. People with all these ranges in personalities which can mix and can't. People who have built relationships through nothing and people who have developed hate for someone they have never really met is quite amazing to me.

This makes me think about these moments that happen and how they change things. Now I know this is a game, but to think it doesn't effect you in your non-WoW existence is crap. You choose to play WoW as your leisure activity. You chose to get on and talk with people on there and have some fun. You could have chosen to go to a mall, a bar, a park, an event, or anything else for that matter. People need to realize that some how some way WoW became part of their life because of the people.

This leads me into those people. Everyone has those stories of when they first met so and so. They are personable they are memories. Maybe they joined your guild and you got to talking. You became good friends maybe even outside the game as well. Or maybe never face to face but you still consider them a friend when you think about it. Maybe someone pisses you off so much you become intent on making that person life a living hell. Maybe somehow you become this guy everyone knows out of thin air. Maybe you have a chance meeting with someone and start talking for reasons unknown to the two of you. You fall in love and you are crazy about them. Maybe you do one thing and are remembered for being that idiot. Or maybe the people you meet are just random people on a video game.

I have seen or been a part of all these experiences along with countless others. Maybe people who are not part of it don't understand, how could they? I sincerely doubt I would understand. I am often asked what possible reason would people play WoW for? People start playing for the obvious reason. They want to have a good time, it's a game isn't it? If the game itself wasn't fun they wouldn't play it. But really I think the social aspect is what keeps people playing it. Everything becomes its own little whose who.

Sure I am babbling and I know this. My thoughts are simple really though when you think about it. You may dislike me, you may like me, you may hate me, and you may even love me. I accept the choice you make to me as everyone should accept the choice I make towards them. Either way this is what makes this game what it is. Kevin helped me realize this.

So today my suggestion is answer those random tells whatever they could be. Maybe it is some random idiot asking for gold, some fool who expects you to tank, a future guild mate, someone who will back stab you in the near future, a friend, or the love of your life. Who knows really? In the words of Cairne "Fate smiles upon you".

So Prophet Gauss is finished, next time I will predict the end of days!


  1. You are a thinker aren't you? Nice read and good break from the norm. I suggest one of these once in awhile!!


  2. Well said my friend. I plan on taking the advice even if its a gold farmer!