Friday, November 27, 2009

That One Time...Someone Died

So it is Friday and that means it is time for reader submissions to make the post. This week submissions were to be about how you or someone died that you were a witness to. I must say this one was really popular this week as my mailbox was full everyday. One thing I would like to point out on this. I read them all, but sometimes I just cannot reply to them all. That doesn't mean I didn't think what you had to say was a good point or funny. So no use making you all wait any longer here are the 10 I chose. One last note as always some of these were written directly to me so I have reworked the language so it has been written to you all.

So we did Malygos and we killed him without too many problems. It was when we were waiting for everyone to get back before we looted his chest thing. This was when someone was running back and of course you know you have to wait for everyone. He gets back in the instance and just falls straight to his death. No mount. He was pretty pissed and we are were laughing at him when he was running back again. When it happened again. No Mount. He was absolutely livid and all of us couldn't stop laughing when he zoned in and it happened again lol. The guy goes crazy screams on vent and saying every curse word there is gets banned from vent and logs off. The best part was the boots he wanted dropped.

During the fire festival this summer I had a ton of fun. Being a priest and being able to Mind Control people is a ton of fun if you have never done it. So what did I do? Well I just hung out by the fire in Thunderbluff and when alliance came across the bridge without them knowing I would mind control them off the bluff to there death. The best part is they never saw me, and they kept coming back over and over again. Never had so much fun before.

Do you remember Hakkar when you could bring the poison to cities after a kill? Well if you don't you everyone in the raid got this poison which was used to kill Hakkar when he absorbed it. But if you killed him and still had the poison you could affect others with it. Let's just say bringing it to Orgrimmar and killing everyone hanging out in the city was priceless. Wish you could still do this because it was so awesome.

I was on a For the Horde run with Gauss when we were coming back to Auberdine from Darnassus when we were on the boat with the entire raid. Of course no getting on the boat unless we are all there. When this alliance shaman joined us on the boat. He started pointing and laughing at people when all of the sudden we all got thunderstormed into the water. I was so pissed but it was funny as hell especially when some people ended up dying from fatigue and some of the low levels died instantly. I wish I could remember the shamans name he was pure win.

Brains.....You have to mention the zombie event pre Wrath. I have never heard people complain so much about getting owned by a zombie raid. Or nothing like finally cornering a guy who had been out running you all. Attack of the zombies!! Even better when you could take alliance ports in Shattrath and then get alliance members in your group for the zombie raids. They need to do something like this again.

So I was doing Eye of the Storm when this pally thought he was awesome having a perfect game zero deaths and owning every ones face. It really started to piss me off so when the game was just about over and I was buy the flag I jumped off the cliff and deathgripped him to me. Making him fall to his death. The best part was he bubbled. Like that was going to save him.

During the AQ40 days I don't know if you know the instance but there is this bug tunnel. The bugs respawn like mad. In those days you used to clear it in pieces and do it quickly. Now you can clear the whole thing, but that's not the point. Well because there was so many bugs sometimes people disconnected. This was the case on this day. We had wiped in tunnel but was waiting for someone to come back online. When he did and ended up bring the entire bug tunnel to the raid at the front. My computer has never lagged so bad as it did that day. Everyone died and we have a memory to haunt our dreams of an army of bugs running at us.

Back when there was no instance level restrictions I desided to dualbox an alt and get easy xp. This was also when everyone in the group split the xp regardless of level. Damn Blizzard for making it harder to level. So myself and a couple friends were going to 4 man stratholme with my level 1 with us so he could level. The guild needed a druid and we thought this was a great plan. That was until he entered the instance and must have aggroed every mob in the place. Great times insane lag and lots of death. Lets just say I never tried that again.

Well I assume you know when ToC came out it was a little bugged. Some how the worms always managed to despawn on us and a bunch of us in the raid still would have our stated debuffs. How did we fixed this? Well we went outside flew as high as we could and all dismounted. It rained bodies and I bet everyone waiting outside the instance was trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

I had this buddy who thought he could win the fishing contest when the goblins hated him. He got his 40 fish got a couple friends to summon him to Booty Bay to turn it in(I was one of the people summoning) when it happened they mobbed him kill him and while he was running back to his corpse someone else won. I almost felt bad for him but I was too busy laughing my ass off.

So there you have it. I know there was many other stories but these seemed to be the most original. If yours didn't get mentioned don't sweet it there will be many other opportunities to get your submission in. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Deathgrip off a cliff that is epic lol

  2. omg i hated the zombie event

  3. That deathgrip one is classic