Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bank Alt Dress Code

So I know I am on pace for a serious type post or at least one that doesn't make fun of anyone or anything, but whatever this will have to do. Besides tomorrow is a like Gauss Nation post you all can wait for stories till then!

So bank alts. We all have them. Will if you're not a dumbass you do. Some times we even give them names to prove to people they are banks or we put them in guilds which make it pretty obvious. Just take a guess at what my herb bank is called

Anyways getting back on track. So here I am think of how to come up for a code for this, since well everyone asks me about random crap all the time. So instead of a specific code I will give you what I approve of as a setup for your bank toons.

Tux Getup: How can you go wrong when you look so presentable. In the times of the emporium it was required that all shard sellers wore tuxes because it made the whole store thing that much more awesome. If you are dressed like this I would also recommend getting a Diamond Tipped cane it will make you much more pimp.

Twill Set: Ok so you have that toon you no longer play and it is above level 53. So what to do? Simple go get yourself 9/9 twill. Cayley wears this as you may have seen him preaching the words of Gauss, as he is the Pope of the church. In addition I would say get a yellow lumberjack shirt as it matches well and brings the awesomeness all together.

Pirate: So you want an excuse to use pirate speak all year round? Then dress up like one! Great thing is it can be all gotten as a level 1. My booty bay alt is dressed like this for obvious reasons. You may have to pay for the hat but the hat makes it.

Winter Clothes: It is getting close to Winter Veil, and therefore a perfect setup for any female bank toon you have. I wonder why it is easy to sell things to teenage boys in this setup?

Painter's Suit: You get the suits and the dresses during the Lunar Festival. Oxhorn has made the teal suit pretty famous since he sports it in everyone of his new videos. They look pimp and will make you laugh while going through your characters on the login screen.

Imperial Set: So you have a warrior or a pally(you fail) you is level 50+. Get a blacksmith to make you the head belt, braces, and legs. its pretty cheap anyways for everyone who will complain this will cost too much. Then go to UBRS and get the Dracoian Deflector. Its a shield for those who are the special kind of stupid reading this. Get yourself a red cape and a brawlers harness. Now of course you are asking what is the point of all this? It is simple you can now run around saying THIS IS SPARTA!!! So obviously full of win

Farmer: Blue overalls, workman's or lumberjack shirt then get yourself a shovel or a pitch fork. The guy I have with this always gets the double takes when he runs buy people. Besides it is funny to have a hick as a bank alt especially when hes a herb guy..

William Wallace: You get a tailor to make you the kilt and buy the biggest sword you can get that looks like a Claymore for your level and then one of the darker workman's shirts. Just like the sparta thing you can run around yelling FREEDOM. I promise you will laugh at yourself

So those are the setups I use because everyone knows running around doing bank stuff in normal gear is boring. Have a little fun with it, you know it is a game. Tomorrow will be the "Gauss Memories" post so you have until tonight to get yours in. Also Ultimate For The Horde will only be done on Saturday, but the regular runs will be going on as per the norm.


  1. madness???? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. people pay like 50g for those Canes

  3. Get one of those canes with a jungle hat... now THAT is pimp.