Friday, November 13, 2009

Vent Stories

So this is the second addition of readers making the the blog for the day. As long as I have a topic and people keep emailing me their stories I will keep it going. This week's addition will be peoples stories of funny or epic things which have happened over vent. Like last week I will changed it if it was written to me so it then is written to everyone here. Otherwise its exactly how they sent it to me.

This one time during a raid we were just clearing trash in MC. When one of the guys in the raid was complaining that his mom was giving him a hard time. When all of the sudden he left his mic open... We heard the argument about how he was flunking out of school and how everything was going downhill and basically how anything and everything was going wrong for him. He was arguing and telling her just to shut up and let him do what he wants to do. This kid was like 16 and I couldn't believe he was actually talking to his mother this way. He started screaming at her and could even hear her start to cry from the way he was speaking to her. When all of the sudden he comes back and says "sorry back had to take an afk i needed to take out the garbage" Everyone laughed and he had no clue why.

We used to have this husband and wife in our guild and they always used to argue over vent. We always found this weird since they lived in the same house, but hey it was like reality TV. This was really funny one day when they got into it because he came home late when he was supposed to make dinner or something. I can't remember exactly. But while the argument started out like a normal one it then got to the point where she was saying she was going to tell everyone in the guild he couldn't get it up. Mind you they both knew they were arguing over vent. He then called her a whore, when surprisingly she agreed and told everyone she was cheating on him with a friend of his. He ended up leaving the guild the next day...

When I was out of work I played wow a lot. So much so that I probably spent all my time practically online since it was kinda cheaper then doing other things. Anyways I was always connected to vent and liked to chat with my guildmates whenever they were on. When I was chatting with one of them and he said he was heading to class or something. He ended up not disconnecting from vent. He was one of those people who didn't use push to talk so I heard him take off his earphones and unplug them. I assumed he was turning off his computer, but vent was still open. I heard him walking around when all of the sudden I heard the TV go on. Let's just say he wasn't going to class he started watching porn. I could have left the channel but I nothing this was so funny I decided to record it. He wasn't too happy with me when it ended up on our guild website.

My funny story was when I was in a raid with Gauss. We were doing BWL and I don't think I was able to breath you were making me laugh so hard. You would ask everyone to roll for the gear and if a pally you won you would make fun of him somehow tell him he failed his mother didn't love him and that's why the piece had to go to someone else. It happened to this guy like 3 times and he was getting so mad. Gauss ignored him on vent and was talking about him like he wasn't even there and not responding to anything he was saying. The guy ended up leaving the raid and all Gauss said was "What did I do?" all I can say was I don't think no one couldn't laugh when he said that.

I am pretty sure this one is pretty original. I always join vent before I log on to the game so sometimes I have no idea if people on vent are afk. I saw the guys mic was and a bunch of people were in the channel. So I joined said hello and everyone told me to shut up. I did and all I could hear was awful singing and a shower. Apparently he had left his mic on and we could hear him. The best part was there was like 10 people in the channel just listening and laughing at this guy. I'll never forget it it was pretty awesome.

Gauss how can you have a post like this without mentioning Solvig? His broken English was awesome. Remember the time he said "Be right back have to sleep with little girl". You should really put that one up it will be good for a laugh.

I will never forget the time someone said they were going afk to eat dinner. When all of us in vent quickly realized it wasn't dinner he was going to get. Let's just say I think his girlfriend got home and they were happy to see one another. It was pretty funny and awesome hearing them when someone had to tell the GM and he kicked the guy from vent. We never let him live it down and never forgave the GM for kicking him from vent.

So I used to be in this guild with a lot of drinkers. We used to drink during raids taking shots and such. When one day we had a new guy in the guild join us. He really couldn't hold his liquor that well. We heard him constantly throwing up and everything that comes with being totally plastered when he come back to his computer and we heard him collapse. We really heard him smash his face onto the keyboard and could hear his computer beeping from the keys being held down.

This guy in my guild always used to complain about his wife and how she wouldn't let him play and would always give him a hard time. He acted all tough about it all the time. When one day we heard her talking to him telling him she was going to leave if he didn't stop playing that stupid game. He told us he would be right back and happened to leave his mic open. He started begging her telling him he was going to change. So this tough guy act was nothing since we were all picturing him on his knees begging with his wife at the door with a suitcase. He was giving her this list of things he was going to do and sadly she forgave him. So much for hearing a marriage break up over vent. That really would have been something to talk about. The best part was when he realized his mic was open. He started flipping out how no one was going to look at him the same way anymore and his rep was ruined. The guy that always acted so tough became the definition of emo instantly.

How could I do vent stories without including probably the most popular vent recording of all time. No matter how many times I hear this it still makes me laugh

So those are the 10 I picked. There were plenty to choose from and once again sorry if I didn't mention yours. It doesn't mean that I didn't read it I just can't have and epic wall of text. I am thinking of a topic for next Friday as we speak and will have it out to you all by Sunday. Thanks for the laughs all till tomorrow!


  1. LOL I so wasn't disappointed with this

  2. Great stuff and the Ony thing will be remembered forever.


  3. so those were pretty funny I will give them that

  4. Good stuff will next friday's topic be in your Sunday post?

  5. I know this post is a month old, but I love your blog. Good lunch hour reading.
    Vent stories... I have too many. Most center around my voice. I was cursed with a voice that stops guys from thinking. (which I really don't get it and find frustrating) I have been in 5 guilds, and 3 of those were because of my voice and how it could be used (I later found out.. here I thought t was form my dps & heals)... for recruiting, and such. There was this one Horde guild who shared a vent server with an Alliance guild. Well I literally cause 2 raid wipes just for logging in and saying Hi. After a bit we noticed a trend that the Horde guild was growing in numbers as some of the Alliance players started making Horde toons... A couple of the guys tried to send ingame money and gifts.. all were returned (unless I needed it and then would pay AH price). In my current guild it took me 2 months before I would talk. It is actually ran by my rl friend and she was getting concerned that I was not talking. Another player, who I brought with me to the guild, knew why and did some explaining to others for me... After much coaxing I finally opened up the vent channel. and you guessed it.. I have VOICE AGGRO again! I just want to pwn/heal something!! (Is there a voice machine that can be added to vent?)