Sunday, November 15, 2009

So I Pugged Some Heroics

So ya many of you are probably thinking what I would be doing this for? I figured pugs would be amusing. Well on Friday I went as DPS and ended up tanking the tank failed so bad. This was a Pally tank. How does one fail at pally tanking? That is like failing to hearth. Anyways if I thought he was bad at that the next heroic we did I tanked. I ended up having more hit points than 3 of the other members in the group combined... That gets me back to the pally who couldn't tank. Well he wasn't much better at DPS either the big 800dps he brought was AMAZING!! I honestly think I could auto attack for higher than 800dps. At least I could make fun of him the entire run. I was good though I didn't make him cry maybe because he didn't understand my backwards way of making fun of him. Saying "You're horrible" and "A Hamster in a cage on a keyboard could out dps you" they are very cryptic so it was understandable. Maybe Bagellord has an alt I am not aware of..

This leads me to yesterday. We had this brilliant mage who would use blizzard on EVERYTHING. Not just on packs and not just after I told him to stop. He did it on bosses on single targets. I was starting to think all his keys were bound to blizzard. At least we didn't wipe to his retardedness. But if I thought this guy was bad later on we got this shaman healer. If you could even call him that. This guy was everything blizzard has created. Full badge gear, holiday, and all that stuff. Anything that he couldn't get yet was green. Hit gear is great for healers didn't you know? When I asked him to put Earth Shield on me and he asked what it was I knew he was special. Even better he didn't know how to chain heal or let alone heal anyone other than myself. And he didn't even do that well at all. If it wasn't for me completely out gearing the instance to the nines he would have let me die several times. But then he was too busy getting killed from retarded things. So thank you blizzard for giving us this type of player. He thinks he is good because he has some gear that was handed to him on a silver platter, but think guy made Bagellord look like a genius by all accounts. Won't it be great when 3.3 comes out and there will be even more of these guys around...

Regardless Murloc came and healed better in pvp gear and pvp resto with 1 broken arm and no keyboard and mouse then this guy could have ever healed. I guess I got some laughs the shards and crystals I wanted and of course badges I will try to find a use for.

In honor of the failing in the heroics and my goal to make Bagellord Immortal next Friday's readers post will be just that 'Bagellord Moments". So tell me your stories of people who were complete idiots, did things you could believe, or asked the most retarded questions you ever heard. Won't this be fun? Like always you will have till Thursday night to get them into me and depending on length of the most I will put up to 10 of them in the post.

Lastly Cranius has a new Video check it out


  1. So know you know why I hate pugs

  2. Sad thing used to be gear could tell you about a person and now it tells you nothing

  3. It's ture there really is no way to tell how bad people really are unless you group with them it seems. But then by that time it is normally too late.