Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You Fail at Master Loot If...

So its Tuesday and anyone who follows my blog know on Tuesdays it is time for the You Fail post. To my guildies some of whom actually read my blog even though they have to put up with me on a daily basis will find much of this funny. Everyone else may not get the inside jokes, but hey I am making fun of random people, and that is always fun isn't it?

You Fail at Master Loot if

  • You forget to put it on
  • You don't yell at people for looting the corpse while you are trying to pass out the loot
  • You give a ret pally loot
  • You let Icehowl die in the middle of the room
  • A legendary drops and you don't ninja it
  • You give loot to the wrong person and can't think of an excuse for doing it
  • You think the 18 million whispers you get when said item drops is because people like you
  • You loot something to yourself and then when someone decides they actually wanted it you give them the item and not a shard
  • You master loot 5 mans
  • You actually give a crap about the people who whisper you after an item goes to someone who isn't them
  • You gave an mp5 piece to a warlock
  • You are thinking of reasons why to give an mp5 piece to a warlock
  • You think that girl whispering you sweet nothings really wants to be your friend. Truth be told it probably isn't even a girl...
  • You get lost in the instance while catching up to the group
  • You don't have a "summon me" to next boss macro

and lastly

  • You give a damn about who loot goes to in old raid instances.

And there you have it. I want to say the amount of submissions I got for Friday's "That one time...Someone Died" post has been incredible so far. I guess the reader posts are really catching on or people have really just seen people die in some interesting ways. Either way keep them coming. Must kill turkeys...


  1. always with the ret pally comment. Do you even have any in your guild?

  2. But the sweet nothings...

  3. I wonder who always forgets to put it on

  4. Icehowl dying in the middle of the room? I don't understand.


  5. Just wanted to say Gauss I think your great and really are funny. /kiss

  6. One day us Ret Pallys and Blood elves will rise up against you to take you down. Be afraid be very afraid.

  7. "You give a damn about who loot goes to in old raid instances."

    I want my T2 pants and gloves! That's all I need for the fiercest looking armor set in the game. Yes, I can pick up transmissions from Nasa with that helm. Just a sec...they are ordering pizza with extra cheese. Make those pieces drop so I can ninja them, please.

    And I hate that turkey killing achievement.

  8. That achievement is fine if not many people are around. Although I got to 30 a few times and someone killed one infornt of me. I really had to hold in my nerd rage.