Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Feeling Well and Morons is a Bad Combo

So Yesterday, I was setting up my normal Sunday For The Horde run. I got the group filled as always with no problems. Which amazes me how everyone doesn't have a bear yet. Although I do know some people have gone on their alts for a 7th or 8th time. Anyways, to get back on topic I wasn't feeling to well so I was much more easily aggravated than normal. So having pity for a bunch of clueless idiots was even less on my mind yesterday than it normally is.

So the group gets full and as always when I tell people to head to Zoram they still don't even if they had 10 minutes to do so. This is why I bring a warlock to summon the slackers here and help out getting people together after each city. It makes the run go smooth and I wouldn't do a run without one. So upon people landing in Zoram I asked the warlocks their was 2 of them to drop a portal. One warlock refused to summon people and when I called him a useless twit he disconnected before he could see that I was kicking him. Then we had another warlock who decided to go afk at Zoram for god knows what and didn't even both dropping a portal. Idiots I tell you. So now no warlock is available to summon. As I said above the raid cannot be done without a warlock. At this point people are STILL sitting in Dalaran or even Orgrimmar waiting for a summon. What a bunch of useless retards. Someone in raid then announces they have a warlock friend. I obviously knew he didn't have friends but he had a warlock, which was enough not to make me flip out.

I invited him to the raid and told him his job and what was expected of him. I did this in raid chat to make sure you wasn't a dumbass. He started to fly. Of course at this point some people STILL hadn't started making their way. Morons I tell you. They make Bagellord look like a great example of a WoW player. So to say the least I was beyond pissed off at this point. The warlock arrives and I tell him to drop a portal. When the idiot can't because he has no shards! Are you kidding me? Like honestly? Let's just say it was the last straw. People expecting summons, idiots refusing to listen, going afk, and finally a warlock who told he was invited for the one person of getting summons throughout the run has no shards...

With that I pressed my magic button which basically just does /radisband and then I hearthed. Ya that was an asshole thing to do. But I do these runs to help people and to get their achievements. I gain nothing from them. They work because people listen and follow directions. So I wasn't feeling well was pissed off and wasn't about to waste my time with a bunch of people who don't realize I was doing them a favour.

I logged off but was still on vent an was being told that a bunch of people were pissed off about it all. The best part I heard was that people fired back at the complainers, because they knew I wouldn't do it without a reason. Maybe they should be pissed of at themselves or the people who couldn't do simple tasks.

If you got issues with the way things work on my runs do your own. Otherwise you have no right to complain that I am doing you a favour.

Reminder to send in your stories of people who have had those "Bagellord Moments". They need to be in Thursday night so I can have them ready for Friday's post.


  1. Those people deserved everything they got. I was surprised you lasted that long

  2. Actually, the 37 people who did what they were told and went to Zoram strand DIDN'T deserve "everything they got"...

    I was in that raid and the guy used his last shard to put up a portal. Had you bothered to look around you would have seen it. Honestly, it was a pretty asshole thing to do to fuck 37 people who had paid attention and did what they were told. If you had sand in your pussy and wanted to be an asshole, you should have kicked the 3 slackers who were waiting in Dal and Org for 20 mins...

    Just my 2 copper...

  3. I am pretty sure Gauss was completely within his rights. He does give up his time to help out and he gains nothing from it. Maybe he shouldn't have disbanded the raid and jsut left. But why should Gauss stay if people aren't doing what they are told? Just think about it for a second that he was giving his time for everyone. You should be mad at the people that caused him to leave because you know as well as I do you all couldn't do it without him. So maybe you should give the guy the respect he deserves.


  4. Ya I really do love how people complain that he did this and yet he has NOTHING to gain from helping everyone do this. People call him and ass all the time, but honestly who else is going to organize these for everyone plus doing old school raids. Yes it may suck for the people that were there, but put yourself in Gauss's position. He doesn't want to waste everyones time. The big thing is no matter if this happened he will probably still do these runs to give people another chance. So people should really think before saying anything bad about this guy.


  5. I'm sorry but if anyone has a problem with Gauss for this they are full of it. For everything he does for the server people should be ashamed of themselves

  6. I was in that raid and it was a bs move. It wasn't just his time that he put into that raid, the 37 others that were there and ready did too.

    I HAVE done For the Horde on my priest WITHOUT Guass so no, I don't need him to get the achievement. Perhaps Boggle needs to have Guass hold his hand, I for one do not.

    I decided that I would go along with him to see what his runs were like. After yesterday, never again. Respect? Maybe he should give a little bit respect b4 he gets it in return.

  7. Someone saying Gauss doesn't deserve respect obviously you have no clue. Gauss has made this server what it is. You for one come here to bash him and yet you are reading his blog. Yes other people can do FTH, but no one can argainze a group of people like Gauss can. Tell me another person capable of getting 20 people under level 60 in a single run this achievement. Not to mention getting it for a level 1. He has earned everything and its a testament that people who have the achievement come over and over because he makes this game what it should be fun.


  8. I came to his blog since this was where the FTH bs raid was being discussed, so take your self-righteous crap somewhere else. I'm not here to bash, only to tell it from a non-butt kisser perspective.

    Guass has not made this server what it is. Its the people as a whole that make this server what it it is. Guass is only one of many.

    I personally do not care what he has done for a level 1. Grats for them they got a mount they couldn't even use and probably never will considering it was a bank toon. Guass got it done, he should get a kudos for it. However, I wont be setting off fireworks.

    I am glad that people like to kiss up to Guass, its quite amusing. Would like to see how it would be if he didn't hold your hand to help you get stuff done that your to ignorant to do yourself. Would it be the same? My guess is it wouldn't. Guass seems to be nothing more than the person you do your best to avoid until they have something you want, then hes your best friend.

    Kudos to the kiss asses I suppose. *rolls eyes*

  9. This guy really likes to start trouble it seems. He is obviously jealous of Gauss and the fact that he can have a bad day, but was totally within his rights to do so. I find it even better this guy won't leave his name because he is afraid of the backlash. He knows as well as all of us that Gauss has an army of support. No one kisses Gauss ass they just respect him for what he does. My goal to you is find anyone else on another server that does what Gauss does or even close to anything he has done for Llane. You know what I dounbt you will find anyone and that is why he will always have my respect along with anyone else who can realize how lucky we are to have him.

    ~~The Cow Coffee~~

  10. Lets say Boss Gauss posts an ad in the paper looking for 40 people of varying professions to help build a house. All those who apply are required to provide their own transportation to and from the work site.

    Day one, Boss Gauss shows up on site to find 35 of those people on site and ready to go, however the roofer has called in sick and needs to be replaced with another roofer. Another roofer is found and he hauls ass from his last job (where he used his last roofing nail) to the next work site where Boss Gauss needs his services. This SHOULDN'T be a problem since the roof is the last thing to go on the house anyway. The roofer has time and opportunities to get his hands on more nails before his services are actually required.

    Three of the workers though are particpating in liesure activities, and, even though they have fully funtional cars and a public transportation system, decide to wait for someone to pick them up.

    Even though the work hasn't started and the roofing nails aren't really necessary at this point in time, Boss Gauss flies off the handle and fires everyone over the lack of an insignifigant roofing nail all because he wasn't feeling well. Boss Gauss could have just called in sick.

    If you were one of these workers, wouldn't YOU be mad at Boss Gauss? Would you be bad at the roofer and his lack of one insignifigant nail?

    Still wanna ride Boss Gauss' dick?

  11. Hey Moolato,

    First off, Im very much a woman, so get off your guy kick. Although by the sounds of wouldn't know what a woman looked like, let alone what one is.

    Wanna know why I havent posted my name? Because I have to many to list off. But since you are so insistant that I am a chicken and afraid of backlash I'm gonna list them off.

    I am the GM of the guild Outcast, pick an 80, any 80 from the names, they are all me.

    Nedara *the one in his messed up FTH raid*

    Still wanna call me a chicken shit, theres all my 80's in a nice neat row for ya. Let the flamin begin, just don't forget to let me grab the marshmellow's first! LOL

  12. In regards to the job reference. Think of it this way Gauss hires 39 people to do a FTH run. If these people realize it or not they are all dependant on one another. If one person comes unprepared it looks bad on everyone. If one person does something stupid iot looks bad on the whole group. Therefore Gauss has the choice like any other person to say no I won't give you the job. You all know this from working with people one person can ruin it for everyone. Or in this case a few screw it for the many. If this group was so great as you say Miss GM of what guild? Sorry I just have never heard of it. Why didn't you in all your mighty leading power take it upon yourself and lead it? The reason is simple you couldn't because this people came because it was a Gauss run. This is what you all fail to realize.

    btw I find it funny you said someone had no life and yet you are the one bragging about having 7 80s.

    --Kutan-- Gauss supporter to the end

  13. I have gone on several Gauss For The Horde runs. They are always a good time and he gets the job done. But I know from being there is everyone needs to pay attention and listen to instructions. There is no room for slacking in a Gauss raid. He does things in a manner which works and you have to appreciate his ability to take a bunch of unorganized people and run them through this, but also all old content. I guess when you are as known as Gauss though there always will be haters or people who are jealous. I suspect that our friend above can't get it through her head how people can think of Gauss the way they do. Maybe she could learn something and her guild could be as sucessful as his.

    As stated before Gauss doesn't do anything if there is not a reason and if all the people that didn't get to go on the run they could have reformed. But I think Kutan said it best is they were there to be lead by Gauss.

    Gauss it's not said enough so Thank You for all the runs you do to help the people unable. As always I look forward to the next run I can be apart of.

  14. Wow people will always have something to complain to Gauss about. If you have a problem with him try to do it yourself. We all know you will fail. We call Gauss the King of Llane for a reason. He can single handidly organize a group from nothing. He makes bad players good and makes good players better. Show the man some respect he deserves it and has earned it. ~Gagreflex

  15. People need to learn they Gauss doesn't have to do any of this. If this was anyone else no one would say a dam thing, but it is because he did it it's a big deal. Give it a rest. He's a good guy who helps people out. He wasn't feeling well which he said and was still going to do this, but a few people ruined it. Live with it he will be back doing it again in no time. Then you can find something else to rag on him about.

  16. OK, how about this... If Gauss decided that HE no longer wanted to do it, then HE could have made someone else leader and HE could have dropped group instead of calling EVERYONE (not just the three lazy bastards and the shardless lock) morons and /disbanding the raid. People are rightfully pissed about getting "screwed" over the actions of four people.

    Gauss, I have a lot of respect for you and I appreciate the FTH runs. I have been of 3 of them so far and they have all been flawless. But your actions in this situation reminded me of a 3 year old throwing a tantrum over something VERY insignifigant.

  17. Amazing how people don't understand they can actually invite people on their own. Ya he disbanded the raid. Ya he was pissed at a few people, but honestly it was his raid and he could do what he pleased. You also know as well as I do if he dropped group most people would have anyway. They were there for him and if he didn't want to do it then let him be.

    btw Gauss you need to fix your login since I can't this is Nigel. I also sent you an Email about your friday topic

  18. This has turned into quite a post hasn't it? First off I would like to say this I do these raids to get people their achievements. It started out as a goal to get everyone on horde side thier bear mount and has evolved. People come on their alts, I take low levels, we cause havoc, and they can be a lot of fun. I have a system and a way of doing things. I expect people to listen and reserve my right to removed them if they do not. If people take my joking around too seriously that is there own fault. Look at Bagellord, like come on.

    First off there was more than 3 people not flying. I don't know exactly how many, but there was more and not that it even matters if there was only 1. Secondly going afk in any raid is dumb. Lastly after explaining why you are getting an invite you understand then go on to tell me you cannot preform that role, is beyond acceptable.

    These work because I do not accept crap like this to occur. They work because people follow directions given to them. I am not going to waste my time with something which will just cause me headaches, and people shouldn't expect me to stick around to do so. Maybe I shouldn't have disbanded the raid, but the fact was i did. Anyone there could have started it up again with ease. It seems people just want to find someone to be pissed off at.

    One person can ruin it for everyone. There will be another run. And in all the runs I have done this is the first time I was livid enough to do this, which actually says a lot with all the things which have happened on these runs.

    Like I say at the start of any run be it FTH or a classic or BC raid. The runs are done the way I ask so it is not some mangled mess. I think I provide a way to get what people need and have a little fun at the same time. If you don't like it don't come.

  19. You know its epic when Gauss posts a comment. Even if it is a wall of text...

    He speaks the truth though I just think he is under the gun because he is Gauss if it was anyone else people wouldn't think twice about it.

    And i agree the login appears broken this is Plataform

  20. I don't see how Gauss deciding it wasn't happening is a problem. Think of it like people not listening in a VoA group you would disband and reform with the people who were slacking off. The difference is Gauss didn't reform he just said its not going to happen today. There is nothing wrong with what he chose to do. People are just offended because he didn't give them their run.

  21. Wow Gauss what did you cause. Really what Gauss decides to do is what he decides to do. Everything he does though is under a microscope because its him. I agree if it was anyone else this wouldn't evn be an issue