Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gauss' Definitions

So I get asked all the time to clarify what I just said when I say certain things or certain phrases. So today I will give you all a reference guide to Gaussian speak.

Socket Humping: The act of matching all ones gems to their sockets in order to get the bonuses no matter how useless those bonuses may be.

Weaksauce: That sucks, bummer, horrible etc

L33tsauce: That was awesome. Did you see that?

PvP God: You are the self proclaimed greatest player ever. You tell everyone how to win BGs by constantly yelling at them. If only you realized they never will listen. You brag about your arena ratings even though you got carried by OP combos or glitches, but that doesn't matter because you got "insert title" in "insert season" so you obviously are full of awesome....Sorry but no.

Bagellord: refers to the guy himself the product of fail.

Bottom of the Stairs: Meaning "the bottom of the stairs". So when I say something like "stay at the bottom of the stairs" it means "stay at the bottom of the stairs"

Nuke it Dot it: Kill the dam thing

Gaussafication: When something has been made or Incorporated into Gauss. eg. that For The Horde was pure Gaussafication.

Flying Indian Squid: Draenei

Naga Jacked my Mount: Get off my mount you retard.

Turn off Path of Frost: Refers to me wanting people to turn off path of frost.

Get these Failures out of the Closet: People need a summon. Do it now.

No thanks busy at the moment: I won't run the daily heroic with you, you dam fool. So stop asking.

You're Worse Than a Ret Pally: You fail pretty hardcore.

Even Bagellord could: If a retarded dumbass could do it even you can.

Stay Behind Skull: Stay behind the person with the skull on their head. Don't run past them do not pass go and do not collect $200.

My Mailbox: the mailbox outside north bank near the treats vendor.

Doing Some Ni Hao: Posting my auctions get back to me.

If I missed something feel free to ask and I will add it to the lot. Also I want to announce next weeks reader post. It will be "That one time...Someone Died" so basically I want all the interesting deaths people have had or have seen happen. Send them along you have till Thursday to get them in for Friday's Post. Happy Turkey Killing!


  1. LOL at "bottom of the stairs" will people never do it?

  2. LOL at "get these failures out of the closet"

  3. Stay behind skull...

  4. I was in a raid with you that you seriously asked them to take off Path of Frost like 100 times. Apparently you are hard to understand