Saturday, November 28, 2009

So You Want To Take My Title

So I don't know if you all have heard but here is what Blizzard has been thinking about doing

In Cataclysm, we plan to make the old PvP titles available based on your performance in our upcoming rated Battleground system, similar to the current Arena titles which are based on your performance in the Arenas.

This is complete and utter bullshit. This means people who earned these titles back in the game could have them stripped from them because Blizzard is too lazy to think of new ranks. These titles for a long time showed your longevity in the game and how you worked to get your title. The argument is that no everyone who got these ranks was truly a skilled player, which is true but then not everyone who downs such and such a boss doesn't die every pull and doesn't get his title taken away. They were there regardless and put in the time and effort into earning the title.

I know people without even the top end titles who are proud to wear their "Champion", "Blood Guard" or even "Scout". Regardless of the rank it proved you had "been there done that". The compromise is the people who earned these titles have the ability to keep them and maintain the feat of strength which is currently on their achievement page. Then when the new people get the ranks they will not get the feat of strength as the old people did. The problem with this it down plays the people who achieved the rank in the past. Blizzard keeps catering to people who complain that because they didn't play back then they never got a chance at the ranks. Well simply put tough shit. If you were around at the time you probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

Sure maybe I have a different point of view because I grinded my way and earned my High Warlord beside my name. And yes I take pride in walking around with the title as I believe everyone who earned it does. It is a measure of respect among fellow players something which I don't think exists for other titles. Maybe it is the rarity. According to statistics "High Warlord" and "Grand Marshal" are the second rarest title in the game only second to "Scarb Lord". Blizzard stopped people opening the gates on new servers because they didn't want that achievement to be trivial, but letting people complain about these titles is fair game? Just think of new rank names and let us the ones that put our time in keep what we earned through tireless effort.

High Warlord for Life


  1. I cannot believe they are thinking about doing this. Nothing but respect for the High Warlord and Grand Marshal peeps. Do the right thing blizzard


  2. I agree, complete bs on Blizz's part. I have a champion, and am not happy about this. :(

  3. to think they would screw over people for no reason besides lazyness

  4. /agree this is complete crap for the people who earned them

  5. I totally agree. I worked hard for my legionnaire title. And because some people cried about it. Im gonna lose it? No.

    Its not HWL or GM, but I still worked hard for it.

    Blizzard needs to stop being lazy.

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they can't be serious

  7. yessssss, ill finally get my old pvp title !! haha srew you gauss.