Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Accessories Coming With Cataclysm

Someone emailed me this topic a few weeks ago and I am just now finding the time to write something up on it. He didn't tell me if it was cool to add his name or not. So if you are reading this and want me to add your name to it I will do so in a heartbeat just like me know. So basically these will be things Blizzard should include when you buy Cataclysm

Head Protector: This will be given to anyone who classifies themselves as a ret pally. This protector will prevent head injuries from excess facerolling across the keyboard.

Door Sign: It will be a sign you can place on your door or your front lawn. It will say "Sorry Leveling to 85"

A Watch: Made by Goblin engineers which is why it doesn't tell time it just does some flashy stuff that serves no purpose and will most likely get you killed.

T-Shirt: Front will say "I Love Twilight" and then on the back "That's Why I Rolled a Worgen"

Tauren Pally Handbook: Titled Divine Bovine: Your Guide to Being a Holy Cow.

List of Excuses: This list will contain over 1000 reasons of why you can't go to work, visit family, bathe, or just why you pissed your pants. All of which are to be used while you are leveling.

A Button: "I Survived Barrens Chat.......Again"

A Campaign Poster: For Garrosh's bid to be Warchief. It will read "Because Brown Orcs are Happy Orcs and Happy Orcs Come From Nagrand"

An Automated Message: When you purchase the game the person who selling it to you will be required to play the following message. "We understand that you wanted an ability that you didn't get, have one work as it was supposed to, or have something just be taken out of the game entirely. I know we said we would do these things, but we changed our minds instead you will get this nifty in game pet which looks like Deathwing"

Keyboard: It will have the following keys as to make WoW easier to play. "DPS", "Heal", "Tank", "PvP" and of course "Contact GM" sadly the last one is bugged and doesn't seem to work.

and of course

A Memory Wipe: So you will forget all the bosses you killed that have came back to life some how. Merely a setback perhaps?

So yes the response for this Friday's post has been nothing short of amazing. I am not if it is because people have liked the previous weeks and want to be a part of it or because there has been some pretty epic deaths which have been witnessed. Keep them coming sure you will all enjoy this weeks. To my American's enjoy your Thanksgiving even if its more than a month late.


  1. ROFL ok that keyboard thing is priceless. Well done.


  2. i'm not sure I was ever the same going through the barrens the first time.

  3. Great now, they will have twilight fans playing WoW. But, atleast its not Horde!

  4. Divine Bovine that made me giggle

  5. Memory wipe? i don't understand care to explain?

  6. Tauren Pallys will be cute. /kiss

  7. They are bringing back Rag and Nef for starteds. Although it can be argued Rag was never fully summoned and we sent him back. Nef on the other hand had his head hanging in the cities and in the book "Night of the Dragon" Krasus says he is dead. So lore wise I have no idea how they are going to get around that one