Monday, November 30, 2009

So Ya Achievements

So with the news of the player from Taiwan who has "Beaten WoW" I thought this would be a good day to say my deal on the subject. Its a good lead in well at least I think it is. Anyways for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about he got every achievement currently available in the game. For the full story go here Crazy Guy because I got better things to do then write it all out.

So achievements do they have a purpose? Not really. Ya they can get you rewards and titles, and you all know from previous posts how I feel about them(if not you got some reading to do). Basically achieves basically say how long or how much you put into the game, how lucky you are, or if you are actually a competent player. So I am cool with them and I probably have more than most, but hey I only play one toon and try to get the most out of it.

So of course I will do what people want. Whats that? Make up my own achievements. So here we go.

The Turtle is a Myth: Fish in pools in Northrend over 15,000 times and still not have fished up the turtle mount.

Somebody Call The Whambulance: Make someone cry after insulting them.

You Could Say That Box Was Full: Answer 1000 in game mails.

S Club Fail: Level a Ret Pally to 80.

Instant Drama: Disband a 40 man raid before it gets started.

Bagellord Has Got Nothing On Me: Successfully turn down your graphics settings without asking how.

Elevator Boss Owned my Face: Die on an elevator.

You Look Down to Dive in Water: Enter SSC without getting summoned.

Wow Just Wow "Title reward: the Retard": Jump off the boat as it is going to Stormwind.

My Mom is Proud of Me: Sit in Dalaran on your new mount and think you are awesome for at least 1 hour.

Eat my Pi: Spam Pi in trade on Pi Day

Somebody Loves Me Right?: Get ignored by at least 100 people.

So I am a Dumbass: Shard or vendor a piece of gear you currently use.

Wow That Was Amazing Lag: Die in a fire and try to explain your not an idiot.

Shotgun!: Jump on someones ridable mount within 5 seconds of it spawning.

Apparently I have Nothing Better to do: Run out of the sewers mounted in Dalaran and killed yourself.

Gauss For Life "Title Reward: of the Gauss Nation, Pet Reward: Voodoo Ret Pally Doll": Successfully complete a For The Horde run with Gauss.


  1. ROFL 11/10 that was awesome still laughing. I don't even know which one to pick I like the best.


  2. Shotgun! LMAO that is great.

  3. "Instant Drama: Disband a 40 man raid before it gets started". You are playing with fire and its awesome. Good stuff today.


  4. Gauss has done "Instant Drama" as I was in one of his 'For the Horde' raids, and he disbanded it. Rofl.

  5. I want a voodoo ret pally pet!!!!

  6. My Mom is Proud of Me: Sit in Dalaran on your new mount and think you are awesome for at least 1 hour.

    You have no idea how much this bugs me. Like don't you have anything better to do?

  7. Turtle I got it the other day, and I am not even max fishing. I must be pro

  8. I know someone who sharded a trinket...

  9. Always with the ret pally hate...