Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gauss' UI

Last weekend someone was wondering what my UI setup looks like and they would be interested in the mods I use. As I am not really into helpful guide posts there is always a first time for everything and I really don't plan on making this a reoccurring thing so what the hell. I'll separate this into raid and non raid stuff.

Non Raid

ag_unitframes: Some people use xpearl and those people have yet to discover really how awesome ag is. I started using ag when it came out that there were a lot of problems with it in the beginning, but I stuck with it and now it is has evolved into the best frames addon around.

Prat: Prat is a chat addon which has loads of customizations. Two of my favourite are being able to create alias so you will never forget who is who when they are on an alt. It will also change the colour of their name. For instance if "Bob" is a priest and is on his druid it will say "Bob" in orange instead of white. In addition for a guy that gets a lot of useless tells it lets you separate your chat windows. So if I get a whisper from someone not in guild or on my friends list it appears in a completely different window and is easily ignored if I so choose. These are just a couple of the great things it has.

Bartender4: Great way to organize, shirk, shape, and move around your bars so they look and are just where you want them. Best around or I wouldn't use it.

Cooldown Count: Think the same explains it all. It makes sure you never miss one.

Bagon: Once you make all your bags into one bag you can never live without it.

SCT: Even if blizzard put there own scrolling text in. These are the guys that started it all and it is still the best there is.

FuBar: Some people use titan pannel and those people fail. FuBar offers much more customization and uses less overall memory.

Auctioneer: Best auction tool around if you ever plan on using the auction house extensively you must get this.

Sexy Map: Who doesn't want their map to look sexy?

ElkBuffBars: Offers the ability to blacklist buffs, gains, and all those things that don't need to clog up your screen. CT_Buffs does the same except this is more compatible with other addons.

MegaMacro: I like to have a lot of macros this lets me organize them and such.

Strong Arms: This is a Arms Warrior addon. Basically works like class timers but made especially for Arms Warriors.

Tankpoints: Helps you evaluate tank gear.

Rating Buster: Makes comparing gear much easier. Works in raid buffs so you get exact values rather than just what your current prospects are.

Raid Specific

Deadly Boss Mods: There are more out there, but this one is still the popular choice. Always make sure it is updated.

Omen: Threat meter that everyone should have.

Grid: Best raid frame there is for healing, for DPS, for ANYTHING. It lets you see who has debuffs who is close to you, who is dead. It basically tells you almost everything that is going on in the raid.

oRA2: This puts up DPS and Tank targets and lets you see all cooldowns for everyone in the raid. For raid leading this lets me see who can Battle Rez, who can pop, who can use a soulstone or any other cooldown for any raid member. The only problem is to view these cooldowns everyone in the raid must have the addon installed. This is why it is a required addon in Three Score.


I don't use Quest Helper since I actually enjoy not being mindless. I don't use Recount in raids because we run world of logs and recount is a waste of resources. I also don't have my SCT turned on in raids the flying around of numbers can be very distracting. Hope this was helpful. Here is a screen of it

Gauss' UI


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