Monday, November 23, 2009

Useless Things Blizzard Should Add

Ok so a lot of the time I talk about things that have been taken out of the game and how it makes me a sad panda. But today I guess instead of saying how they should have taken things out or talk about those things they put in that I cannot understand for the life of me. I will offer my ideas of useless things to add to this game that will basically serve no real purpose. Because who doesn't love those things?

Turkey Mount: Ok so this Pilgrim stuff has me not thinking clearly, but think of how stupid looking I would be. A co riding a giant turkey in full Pilgrims gear. This screen shot of this will not only be the screen of the year, but the amount of countless nightmares it would cause for children around the world would be epic!

Legendary That is not a Weapon: Ok so this isn't useless, but I have been wanting to mention this for awhile. I know plenty about Warcraft Lore and there is a plethora(I love using this word) of armor, trinkets, necks, and rings which could be added. DO IT.

Hair Dye: My Roleplaying outfits would be so much more awesome if I could use some hair dye. Come on I know you all support me on this.

Boat Mount: Ok so the turkey might have been a little too far. But a row boat? Now that would be sweet. I swear the quest in howling fjord got me on the boat kick. Best of all it would be a passenger mount.

Ridable Flying Mounts: Ok while I am on the mount kick, why don't we have these yet? If you think it is fun killing people on a ground mount imagine the fun of doing it on a flying one. I can see the pile of bodies now...

Newspaper: Make it held in the off-hand or just have it open up in your hands. This way I can actually say I am doing something when I am doing nothing.

Animation for the Cane: So you gave us a diamond tipped cane. Which is great I have it on like 3 bank alts, but what it needs is an animation. My bald creepy looking Undead wants to look pimp walking with his cane to the auction house.

Large Train Set: So I hate the train it drives me insane. I also know that many of you put this beside me all the time to drive me mad(I hate you all). I would be willing to accept this train set if we could some how connect them and have the train run through an entire city. Now this would be something.

Make emotes that are as Awesome as a Skelly /cower : Have you ever seen this? Like this is the definition of win. That is all.

Dunce Cap: I have been waiting for this for 5 years. I have a list of people ready to send them too as well. Some of which no longer play, but I could careless I want the dunce cap.

A headless Kael'thas Pet: So we have all been thinking of ways to bring him back. Just have him randomly say "losing my head was merely a setback". This would be so much funnier and better than that dam monk.

and finally

Ping Pong Table: Put it in the inn in Dalaran by the dart bored and let us use it. Then at least while you were standing around Dalaran you could be doing something.


  1. Ping Pong Table ROFL you are just awesome

  2. Epic train all through dalaran no where would be safe from the /train. What have you done...


  3. Kael pet would be sweet except how would he be emo if he had no head?

  4. isn't the skelly /cower him just standing straight up?


  5. The epic train tracks would be something which would crash any server...It would be great