Friday, November 20, 2009

Bagellord Moments

So its Friday and I am done going through all the emails and here I am ready to put them up for everyone to see. Well not all of them I don't expect you all to spend days reading them. So the object of this weeks submissions were to tell me of a time when you encounter a completely idiot, saw something completely retarded, or convinced someone to do something you cannot believe they actually did. As always these were written to me so I have reworked some of the language so that it was written to all of you instead. Enjoy

So when it was day of the dead you know how there was that bread you could make? Well I figured I would try to scam some people on the auction house by putting the milk and the flour on the auction house. Now I figured if I got one or two people to buy my milk for 7g a glass or the flour for 1g a bag it would have been enough to make me smile. Well let's just say I got more than that. Someone bought all of it! Yes, all of it. That is also not the best part after he had bought it out he whispered me and asked if I had time to make him more. He invited me to group. I figured this guy was an idiot I should take advantage. So not only did this guy buy more off of me he stood right beside me while I bought it off the vendor in Orgrimmar. it was completely priceless.

I was in ashenvale leveling an alt when I saw in general channel that someone was looking for a particular quest item. I jokingly told him it was up in felwood by timbermaw hold. Never did I expect he would actually go. That was until he whispered me invited me to group and asked me if he was in the right place. He was talking about how many times he died on his way up there and how he was now completely broken. I was laughing so hard. Why did he believe me? While he was talking to me he was getting owned by all the timbermaw in the cave and I saw him die 3 or 4 times. When I decided to go even further and told him I must have been wrong it was in winterspring. He was so polite about me being "wrong" and thanked me for the help and was on his way. I almost felt bad...

So you know how everyone gets those random tells that you are a special WoW player and you won a mount. It then tells you to go to this keylogger website. Well I was in trade one day and this guy was laughing at everyone saying how he was a special player and everyone sucked that they weren't getting a mount and he was. He said he would be riding his spectral tiger while we all weren't lucky enough. I couldn't help but laugh. The best part was though a couple hours later in Org I saw the same toon doing gold farming spam. I felt bad for him, but then who is that idiotic to go to those links.

During the Halloween event one of my guildies was saying how awesome it was that the headless horsemen mount flew and is also a ground mount. A bunch of us convinced him that if you had a pumpkin on your head all ground mounts work the same way. When he jumped off Dalaran and died we all couldn't stop laughing.

So many times in molten core we convinced new people to jump through the "window" behind Golemagg because people believed us that it port them to Rag. Nothing was better than when people would say I guess I missed it since I am dead. When they ended up doing it again it was even better.

Omg put Novicane's pull in. So we were doing Vael in Blackwing Lair when the fight was gone over and the strat we used. It must have taken like 10-15 minutes to explain when we we all clumped by the door and BOOM. Novicane shoots the boss and pulls Vael and kills everyone. Let this be a less in hunters auto shot.

I used to play on a pvp server when I was questing in the barrens and this level 80 alliance was in the barrens and was afk sitting in the middle of the road. When I walk by and see this hordie beating on him doing like very minimal damage. When he starts spamming general looking for more to kill this 80. There ended up being 10 of them beating on this alliance warrior. I thought about helping, but it was pretty funny to watch. It made me think of "the ballad of a noob" video except there was like 10 of them and they weren't level 1. And of course the guy came back and bladestormed them all and killed them like instantly. You would figure this was the end of it when they guy that started it all and formed a raid. Again and again I watched this 80 kill all these low levels trying to swarm him. Ya they were a bunch of idiots.

So after and alliance raid that killed Thrall I was in the throne room when this noob asked me how we get Thrall back. I told him someone has to run RFC in order to get a potion that brings him back to life. I never expected him to believe me until I saw in trade "LFG for RFC to get potion to rez Thrall". Yes he was special.

So I was in a raid with Gauss and we were going to SSC when first off this one guy was asking where every instance was which was bad enough, but i guess its expect if people never did them. But when we got to SSC and Gauss said you had to dive down to get into the instance. He asked something I never thought I would ever hear let alone from a level 80 "How do you dive in water?" Yes he really asked that.

So I play a mage and I read your blog everyday. Now I am not part of a great raiding guild but we do ok. To get on with it we had a mage join the guild expecting to raid and I was asked by the guild leader to go over things with him so he wouldn't be confused in raids. When I talked to him he acted like he knew everything and didn't want to hear it from me. He told me he did like 6k DPS on like every fight in his last guild and how myself and no one else in this guild was going to touch his Damage. I looked at his spec and it was 71 points in frost. It made me smile and laugh.

So that is it for this week. Thank you all for the submissions they were all very entertaining. If yours didn't get in don't worry there is always a chance to get yours up next week. On Sunday again I will post the new topic so be sure to look back for it. Raids will run as normal this weekend and we may do an Ultimate run on Saturday I have yet to decide. Remember if you want in on it get in early as I don't save spots. Maybe this weekends raids won't have as much controversy behind them.


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