Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guild Rank Names

So anyone who has ever been in a guild with me knows that my rank names are lets go with unique. I enjoy messing around and god forbid make the game more fun. This would be why I hate it and think it is absolutely stupid to leave the rank names as they are. So today I am here to offer you all rank names I have used in the past and ones I have yet to put in place.

Little Tex: This is used when you are horrible at tanking It is a reference to a tank that used to be in my guild Bigtex. Let's just say he was awful.

Little Monkey: Instead of being completely obvious and calling them a lemming this provides them the job of trying to figure out how they are a little monkey. Confusing people is always fun. This saying was originally started by Zogzog so I can't take the credit entirely.

Lee: I used this rank to poke fun at people who lagged in a raid, disconnected, or anything which related to that. It refers to the legendary Onyxia wipe recording where he yells at the lagging idiot "Go away from the head Lee"

Can Dive In Water: This is kinda an inside joke. Had to be there i guess. Basically the short story was during one of my Saturday night older raids we were going to SSC and someone couldn't figure out how to dive in water. So when you prove that you are not retarded you are crowned with this rank.

Worthless: There is not many things funnier than promoting someone to "Worthless"

Tool of the Day: I use this rank when someone decides t ask something stupid or just generally is just being clueless for that particular moment. Like the time Jakezombie fell through the whole in the pipe in Naxx. He enough gave us a saying that day "Jakin' it"

Ping Pong Champ: Come on who wouldn't want to be a ping pong champ? This is epic beyond all proportions and shouldn't need an explanation.

Tickle Me Emo: Perfect rank for those who love to be a drama lama.

Village Idiot: I am not sure this rank needs an explaining gets right to the point and is very versatile.

Bitch of (insert name): This can be used as a tool to poke fun or insult two people at once. How is this not a good thing?

Special: See this rank is great because they believe by special you mean irreplaceable and all around awesome. When in fact mean special kind of stupid. Full of win while they are failing to figure this out.

Bagellord's Assistant: I just realized its been days since I made fun of Bagellord so I came up with this. This will create laughter since that always follows anytime you mention Bagellord's name. It's like saying ROFLMAO just makes people laugh. Adding assistant is like pouring salt on the wound or kicking them while they are down, which of course makes this pure gold.

and finally

Ret Pally: This might go a little too far you don't want to make them feel useless and completely awful about themselves that they end up typing /gquit. Or maybe you do? If this is the case then go right ahead.

That's all I could remember off hand so if you are a former guildie and I missed one please feel free to share it. In addition if you have good ones from your own guild post them here. Just a reminder tomorrow night is your last chance to get your vent experiences in so I can get things up for Friday. Till tomorrow all!


  1. "Worthless" That is the single greatest rank name to be promoted to in the history of Warcraft.


  2. LOL tickle me emo is pretty awesome

  3. you know i dont think its very fun to go into do the daily... with a pug... and keep up a fail dk in dps gear. sry for the qq gauss but you were in my group and you are letting people waste my time. Thats messed up. Thanks for the present. I leave for afganistan next wednesday. happy veterans day.

    -desecrator, varanis -

  4. I've used "murloc" and we currently have "tourist" and "cheese vendor" as ranks. We also have "Einstein" which is probably one of the single best sources of raid entertainment when one of those rank members pulls something.


    P.S. Sorry I've missed your last raids. Been busy.

  5. Desecrator ya I was a little some what afk so I was going to let burnt's fail DK tank.

    Gimmlette i can see "Einstein" being pretty entertaining. I am curious as to what Cheese Vendor is for. Just to poke fun at someone maybe? And no worries raids won't stop happening in fact even with all the people horde side with Bears I think they are some how getting more popular

  6. "Einstein" is really entertaining because that rank is for non-officers who know the game and can be counted on to provide accurate information. The comments really fly when one of them pulls the entire group of trash while the healer is afk getting a beer.

    "Cheese Vendor" is, well, is. I like to find the odd name for a rank that means sort of something. One of the people in my guild the longest knows cheese, as some people know wine. Plus, we had our bank attacked the last time someone got hacked so we've instituted a policy of "No authenticator-no higher than Alt Identity/City Defender" in rank. I picked the name because it was wacky and everyone knows exactly what it means. If your toon is a "Cheese Vendor", then it's your alt and you have an authenticator. Plus "cut the cheese", "say cheese", "that was a cheesy comment"...Groan-tastic.

    "City Defender", "Regular", "Veteran" are the other ranks, but they will be changed when I get a brilliant idea for a rank name.

    As for the raids, are you sure all 3,597 of you DON'T have bears by now?

  7. before i came here I was in a guild named Children of Chuck Norris and they had Roundhouse and beard as ranks