Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Not My Turkey Day

So since it is American Thanksgiving today I should probably pretend to care like a give a damn. Well this holiday did end up giving me 100 achievement points. It also gave me a title I won't use and a turkey pet that kills itself for no apparent reason. They really should rename it Bagellord. Wait though I did get another Role playing set, which of course looks pimp on a tauren. I am always looking for hats and the pilgrim's hat definitely plays. So that was what I was ok now with what drives me insane.

What is with everyone taking like a week off for thanksgiving in America, like what the hell. I always though Thanksgiving was a one day thing, since it is called Thanksgiving Day. Maybe you should be like us Canadians and make it on a Monday this would be less confusing on what days to take off. This way you wouldn't mess up my raid days, since everyone seems to take different days off.

Also tomorrow when I log on I am going to have to hear about how you almost got trampled going into the mall or how you got a 3 year old television for 40% off. Not to mention the random 12 year olds I will have to deal with in trade, who normally can't log on because its a school night. At least during Christmas break I have an endless supply of snowballs I can pelt people with to release my frustration. If only they still knocked people down.

So on this day of American Thanksgiving I will give thanks that this crap only goes on once a year. Switching off Canadian rant in a second. GO LEAFS GO. Ok its off.

Today is you last chance to get your submissions in on how or how you have seen people die. There have been some great ones submitted and if you want a chance to get yours heard then send it in. Enjoy your turkey even if I won't


  1. O CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Someone is a little upset over turkey day

  3. someone is a little upset over turkey day