Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Fail At Applying to a Guild If...

Well it's Tuesday so that means it's time for the you fail post. I don't know why it took me so long to do this one as applying to guilds always tends to bring out the fail in some people. Regardless today is the day it gets posted.

You fail At Applying to a Guild If...

  • You spell your toons name wrong
  • You're a server transfer and don't say what server you are from
  • You say your main reason for joining is to get uber gears
  • When asked if you will help farm materials for the guild you say "hell no I got better things to do"
  • Your explanation for leaving your last guild was basically you were a drama lama
  • You ask what is meant by "required addons" by saying "what's an addon?"
  • You say your computer sucks and disconnect all the time, but while you are online you kick ass
  • You're a Ret Pally
  • You ask if not being on vent is a problem
  • You don't have gems and chants in/on your gear
  • You think 71 points in frost is a good spec
  • You fill out a healer application as a tank
  • You actually didn't know you were filling out a healer application
  • Your raid experience is 10 man Naxx
  • Your reason for leaving your last guild was because you ninja'd the guild bank and needed to transfer servers
  • You say you cannot make 80% of the raid times
  • When asked to explain your raiding experience you say "my pants"
  • You say helm and shoulder enchants are for people that obviously need help

and lastly

  • Your name is Bagellord


  1. "You don't have gems and chants in/on your gear."

    Pure, unadulterated FAIL, period. Going to run H ToC. If you've been on this server for more than a day, you should know 1) what that is and 2) that you need to come prepared.

    So do not put yourself into the LFG channel with your gear ungemmed or un enchanted. We wiped 3 times. On the 3rd time, the guy screams at us, "NOOB FAIL" and leaves the group. That's when our healer said, "Did you all notice he had three pieces that weren't gemmed?" /facepalm doesn't cover it.

    You forgot, "You ninja loot (or pull some other stupid thing) in a 5-man and get kicked from the group and then fill out an application to the guild of one of the people in the group." I had soooo much fun rejecting his application, and it wasn't the first toon I mentioned.


  2. "You're a Ret Pally" why do you hate them so much or is it just a running joke like Bagellord?

  3. I give your "You Fail" post a 3/10 this week. I know you can do better ;)

  4. Ya I was thinking this wasn't one of the best, but I would have gone at least 7/10.