Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ask Gauss

So I hope everyone's weekend was a good. Mine hasn't been that bad at all. Plenty of questions to choose from this week to throw up here, so had quite a choice on my hands. Although, not one about Real ID this week, that was quite an adventure last week wasn't it? So enough of my intro let's get to it.

When you try to help people with their gear and spec how do people react?

This I guess really depends on the person. I have had people come to me and ask questions about how they can improve. Sometimes they listen to me and accept what I have to say. Of course they have questions regarding what I am telling them, and I answer them. Sometimes it is the complete opposite they ask why I would tell them to do such things and argue with me. Did they forget they were the ones that asked for my help?

The other situation is when I see someone maybe not doing as well as they could and I give them pointers. Sometimes this goes over well and they listen and may keep coming back to me. Like say when they have a potential upgrade and they ask if they should get it and how to gem or enchant it. Or they may just want to show me they are following my ideas, and want reassurance. The flip side to this is people sometimes take offense when you are trying to help them out. "What makes you think you know everything?" These are the people that believe they actually know everything and refuse help. They will generally be the ones that will keep doing what they are doing. They are the DKs that gem agility, the Pally that spams Flash of Light, or the tank that uses bladeward. When you get these people just don't take offense at them being a moron, and realize you tried.

Do you recruit people who don't have experience up to your level of content?

This question was longer, but that was the gist of it. Would I recruit people with no Hardmode experience? If they had the gear level that is required to preform then of course. People can learn to adapt. In truth there is many hardmode encounters that are easier than Lich King and Sindragosa are. Recruiting someone like this is especially true if say you cannot fill raids because of lack of numbers, missing a particular raid buff, or low on melee or range. Sure the person may be on a higher learning curve, but it shouldn't be something that they cannot overcome. You put them through your trial period like an other recruit and evaluate them afterwards. The thing is there are a lot of good players stuck in guilds that aren't going anywhere. These people might thrive in a new environment where they can actually succeed.

What is a quick way to make easy gold?

Sell your Shadowmorne items that aren't yours to sell...

That is it for this week. Next weeks Reader Post is going to be about trade sellers catch phrases you have seen. As always you have until next Thursday night to get them into me.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. You generally aren't going to recruit people above you in content. So really wouldn't everyone be below you? Or do you mean quite below you?


  3. Gauss.... we all know that the fastest way to make gold is by "asking for respec money at level 8"

  4. You should do For The Horde clips with MMM Whatcha Say, would be great stuff.


  5. Come on level 8, I think level 12 might be a little more effective. Either way you may be right

  6. Silly me. I thought the best way to get gold was to follow some level 80 around a major city and repeatedly ask them for gold, upping the amount every time you ask. If you're annoying enough, they'll give you some or put you on ignore. So you get reported. That's the price you pay for shaking down these rich 80's who we all know have nothing to do with their money. :::Checks ignore list::: Yup, plenty of room.