Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top Quotes From Wrath

So recently since we have seen all the content currently available in Wrath I have been asked about my favourite boss quotes from this expansion. So I have decided to list them and why I thought they were good in my eyes. Let's make it a top 10.

10)Captain Falric: "Men, women and children... None were spared the master's wrath. Your death will be no different"

This quote to me even though it wasn't in a raid still has everything that you wanted in a great and memorable quote. This basically tells us that no one is safe from the Lich King and nothing will stop him until his plans are fulfilled.


This is first time we were facing a dragon aspect head on. Myself being a lore guy really thought about how this would effect us later on in the game. Here we are killing the protector and the defender of magic. Maybe he was right in that we were going to far? I guess only time will tell.

8)Stormcaller Brundir: "Whether the world's greatest gnats or the world's greatest heroes, you're still only mortal!"

I just love this quote. Sure there are so many more Lore type quotes from the iron council fight which you would think I would be more into, but really this one is just awesome.

7)Deathbringer Saurfang: "Your soul will find no redemption here"

This basically calls to the fact as to why you are in Icecrown in the first place. Is it a winning battle, one you can win? I also enjoy his "you are nothing" quote as well for the same reason. Interesting also is that he says these when you are killed.

6)Sartharion: "This pathetic siege ends now!"

He says this at 10%. When you were doing three drakes when it was the thing to do. This really was your "oh shit" moment when adds where coming like crazy and trying to burn the boss and hope there was enough people alive to get the job done. In fact doing 3D for the first was quite an encounter when it first came out, which really does make me sad seeing all these zergs happening. But I will forever remember how crazy and nuts the fight used to be.

5)Rhonin: "It is up to each of us to prove this is a world worth saving...that our lives.. our lives are worth living"

This entire speech is something pretty epic in terms of lore. Ulduar was an instance that was extremely well designed and well thought out. It was filled with things everyone wanted. This was the official end to all of that, and a great end it was. Every time someone kills Algalon and turns in this quest I still listen intently as if it was the first time I heard it.

4)Algalon: "I have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames. Their denizens fading without so much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and raised in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart, devoid of emotion... of empathy. I... have... felt... NOTHING! A million, million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?"

This speech is nothing but amazing. Every time I hear it it never gets old. Extremely well thought out and acted very well. This is something that you can say at random to someone and no matter who they are will realize how awesome it really is.

3)King Terenas Menethil II: "It is over my son. This is the moment of reckoning. Rise up champions of the light!"

This basically was it. This was the moment that you knew you were going to do what you set out to do this expansion; kill the Lich King. Watching Terenas rez everyone then you all going in to beat on his ass was a great moment.

2)Yogg Saron: "I am the lucid dream. The monster in your nightmares. The fiend of a thousand faces. Cower before my true form. BOW DOWN TO THE GOD OF DEATH!"

What makes this quote is the change in the voice. Goes from Sara of course to Yogg during this quote. Blizzard has done a great job at making you feel the Old Gods evil. It was going to be extremely hard to get up to the level with C'thun, but they did. This makes me feel good when we see our next old gold that they will have it down.

1)Lich King: "Now I stand, the lion before the lambs...and they do not fear...they cannot fear..."

This is what he says just before he dies. Basically the moment when he himself knew it was over. Blizzard really did justice to the lore of Arthas to end this in a way that would work and be epic at the same time. I congratulate them on that and here is hoping then continue to do it well.

That is it. If you think you have some better ones by all means throw them in and tell me why. Till tomorrow!


  1. I get goosebumps when I read King Terenas' quote.


  2. I have never actually heard the Lich King say that last quote people have always been going on on vent. Plus all the crazy sounds from the abilities from everyone going out.

  3. @Anslym

    Completely agree that was a great moment