Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun And Games

So as I was out today just messing around with outside. I realized that in WoW we have no things to really just mess around with. Like when they brought in Heavy Leather balls. Of course they have added to the fun by adding other things we can chuck at one another and play catch with. Also I guess you can add the damn train to the list of things, but it mostly just pisses me off so I won't count it. My request would be to add somethings we can play as a social aspect that are completely useless to the game in every which way. Could be anything. They added a golf course they should just let us play it, that would be pretty awesome. Could add some horseshoes, shuffleboard, lawn bowling, or even lawn darts.

All of these of course would be pretty useless, but again it would only add to the social aspect. With random BGs and Dungeons we lose a bit of the social experience of the server and I really think something like this would bring it back. Who knows many of you probably have better ideas then this to keep people around and chilling with one another but you understand my point. So come on Blizzard you are great at making useless quests, mobs, and stuff. So make something useless that we can use keep us entertained when we don't want to do anything else


  1. Bring on the Useless Crap!!!!!


  2. I want to equip 2 fish. I want to equip both my level 70 and level 80 Halloween swords. Double punkin avengers! I want cream pies to throw at people. The tool tip reads, "Doesn't cause damage but disorients you while you wipe off the filling." Water balloons with launchers.

    Um...yeah. I have been thinking about this very thing. What bizarre items would I like to lob at a FtH run for no other reason that it would be funny?


  3. The new goblin zone should have a golf course.