Thursday, July 22, 2010

Starcraft II

So I know people are going to say Starcraft II has nothing to do with WoW, but for those who say that they would be wrong. Raid attendance is already dropping due to it being summer and it being the end of an expansion. Many people have killed every boss there is to kill in the game and are only raiding for hard modes. My feeling is Starcraft II is going to pull people over there. Hell I am going to be getting it and playing it.

Also this will give us the first view of how the Real ID will work cross games. So you can see people playing Starcraft II and you can call them over to come help with the raid or vice versa. I am actually interested in how well I can get this to work with people. Also when a big game comes out it is a great time for people to come to raid fresh and focused. They haven't been playing WoW for hours and then have to raid they logged on especially for raid and want to try their best to make it successful. So this gives people a break in some sorts which isn't always a bad thing.

Also "ZOMG YOU GET A PET IF YOU BUY COLLECTIONS EDITION SCII". So yes all the crazy pet people are going to get a Starcraft II Collectors edition Thor pet. So be on the lookout, be thankful it won't be screaming in a "special' voice.

For those who haven't seen it. The Trailer that came out yesterday

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  1. Holy Crap that looks amazing.


  2. Have to agree that looks pretty bad ass. Almost like the trailer is for a movie

  3. In my case I inform my guildmaster that I will not be active in game but I will in raid sessions. Well I’m excited too in this Real ID thing on how it really works and what are the benefits for those who registered.