Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Epic

So today's Reader post I asked people to submit the stories about their first epics. I know in Wrath epics are not really a rare thing, but people still have the stories about that first time. So sit back and enjoy the read.

My first epic was a Krol Blade that dropped just out­side Light’s Hope Chapel in the Plague­lands off a ran­dom skele­ton mob when I was about L55. I was one of the first peo­ple on Kirin Tor, hav­ing started play­ing shortly after the server opened, and peo­ple would stop me and ask where I got such a fine weapon. I wasn’t doing much instanc­ing then, as I couldn’t com­mit the time, so I soloed mostly and missed out on the oppor­tu­nity the really upgrade my gear, so I was super proud of my Krol blade. Later, when I started instanc­ing, I began to gather my light­forge gear and I still have it all in the bank.

Well, i remem­ber how i did NOT get my first epic, i was lev­el­ling and got in a group for Black­rock Depth, i was lvl 52 at the time, and from one of the first bosses an EPIC mail chest drops. I'm home free i thought, other than me it was only a war­rior, a priest and 2mages in the group. but then the war­rior needed on it! And i LOST! Safe to say, i never pugged since unless it was absolutely nesse­cary. To this day i dont pug.

My first epic was a lucky drop in Maraudon. I was there together with some friends, quest­ing and hav­ing fun, like usual. Black­skull Shield dropped. The group was made up by two pal­adins (one being me), a mage, a shaman and some­one else, I can’t remem­ber who. Being a BoE shield, they all wanted to need on it to sell it. But we man­aged to put rea­son above profit and con­vinced the mage and the other player to pass on it. The other Pal­adin passed also. So it was left to me and the shaman. We both needed. I won. Need­less to say, I was very happy.Want­ing to put it to good use, I respeced Pro­tec­tion about that time and stayed that way to this day. This shield lasted me until Out­land. I couldn’t find a bet­ter shield any­where until then. Bet­ter put, I didn’t want to changed it because it was Epic and I was very proud of it. Buy­ing The Burn­ing Cru­sade and hit­ting Out­land meant the end for my pretty Epic. I changed it with a reward from the 2nd or 3rd quest there. So, for the peo­ple ask­ing “Are the TBC quest rewards so much bet­ter?”. Yes, they are much, much bet­ter than any­thing you could get from Azeroth. Get­ting back to the roll, the shaman was upset because he felt that he should have it with­out even rolling. Why? Because he needed a shield. That was it. That was his argu­ment. And he still holds a grudge on me, even after such a long time. I find that funny tho many would say pathetic. From my point of view it was fair roll. I wouldn’t have been upset if I had lost.

I was one lucky SOB when i got my first BOE epic. Farming Timbermaw Hold rep on my mage, far before BC. The place was swarmed with alliance on my server and i was just ninjaing all the kills i possibly could and behold, i actually got 2 epic BOE drops in 2 kills. First was a Flurry axe then I picked up a Warden Staff.

Personally, I was lucky, I got my first epic at level 55, I remember the day well. I was questing in Burning Steppes, looking for Blackrock Medallions I recall, and I killed a Blackrock Worg that dropped a Hurricane bow. Needless to say everyone in guild chat heard about it instantly and the item got linked to all who were not there for the momentous occasion as soon as I saw them online.Unfortunately, the Hurricane is a pretty weak epic by most standards, but at the time it was quite thrilling, not only to get an epic but one I could actually use.The thing goes through arrows like crazy but I still have it, though I don't really use it anymore. Of course I have many more epics now but that one still stands out in my mind.

My epic mount sadly enough...

First epic drop I actually got myself was a Dwarven Hand Cannon in Scholo while attempting to get dark runes and the pattern for the Felcloth Bag. Wound up getting zero dark runes, the hand cannon and some BOE blues. Finally made the bag a week later only to replace it with a Core Felcloth Bag.

That is it for this week. Next week's topic will be revealed Sunday so if you want to be a part of it look out for the topic. Have a great weekend all.


  1. Wall of the Dead FTW. I used that thing till I got that tiny shield in MC Drillboar Disk I think it is called.


  2. Warden staff I even used it a bit when BC came out.

  3. I have gotten a few Dwaren Hand cannons before