Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Shadowmorne Drama

So here is an interesting email I received talking about my stance on the Shadowmorne items.

The quest gives the items to the person who completed the quest line, not the guild. I don't see why anyone else thinks they are entitled to those items. You are acting like the guild has to jump through hoops to get someone a Shadowmourne. This isn't the case at all. The only part that involves gold is the primordial part, and I'm sure most people with shadow's edge used their own gold to forge it. What is so special about the shards anyway? They drop from both normal and hard-mode boss kills so if your guild is progressing in the instance they're going to drop regardless. It's not like your guild mates have to go out of their way to cause them to drop. Hell, you could gather all the shards in a weekly pug given enough time. The guild didn't "help" the Shadowmourne wielder obtain his legendary anymore than he helped by participating in the guilds raids. Is it BiS? Yea, it sure is, but it's not such a ridiculous upgrade that you should be/feel indebted to your guild for letting you craft it. Like I said previously, gathering the mats and doing the quests doesn't inconvenience anyone else in the guild in the slightest. Not to mention if you're the player receiving the item, in most cases, you're obviously the best person in the guild that can use it so why would it be given to anyone else? It shouldn't be given as a "gift", but rather it should simply be given out to the person who will use it the best. That would be the logical way to make the decision.

After replying to them I received this,


So your guild wasn't going to kill Prof, BQL, or Sindragosa? And they had no plans on killing the Lich King? The guild raided for the sole purpose of giving one person a legendary. That's really kind of them. The guild does nothing extra. They kill bosses, you kill bosses. You got chosen to get a legendary, that's not your fault. Same thing with Val'anyr; most guilds did a /roll when their first shard dropped, and went about their business of killing bosses. And hey, guess what, most guilds were going to do 3 Lights anyway. So tell me, how did anyone do anything extra at any point, apart from the Shadowmourne recipient? Someone has to drive the Abom, you still have to bite people on BQL, and Sindragosa's frost breath is easily negated by some FR gear and personal cooldowns, either way, I'm getting the same amount of heals. Oh, and Lich King. But you weren't going to kill him regardless.

My stance is the same if you did it with a guild you were only able to get this done because of them. The extra healing you needed on BQ, maybe a DPS driving the Abom, and taking yourself out of the fight on Sindragosa. Sure the wielder had to do extra things, but so did the raid have to adapt for the sole purpose of completing your quest. The items also belong to the people that were there and they shouldn't just be used for personal gain.

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  1. ya nothing different has to be done for the quests lol. Has he even seen? 10% last damage on BQ, not to mention you take more damage. PP you have to do that cast that costs 100 energy, which means an unslowed add. And as you said Sindragosa takes you out of the fight unless you are a DK tank. Not to mention you have to kill bosses to get shards.

  2. I don't see how anyone can argue that it is wrong for the shadowmorne items to be sold unless they are being sold to fund the guild bank.