Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trouble with Definitions

So I could probably be talking about the new talent trees and what I think about them, or complain some more about not getting into Beta. I actually haven't even checked that today because I am frankly pretty pissed off about it. At least I can find some humor in the BlueXephos uploads about the beta. Alas, that is not what I am going to bitch and complain about today. It isn't even going to be about Shadowmorne and that kick I have been on lately. What is it then?

People have left my guild for many reasons. Could have been because they didn't get the amount of time they wanted. Could have been because they weren't preforming. Could have been because they didn't mesh with people. Or it could have been because they were a moron and got hacked twice a week.

You see we had this warlock named Abracadavra, and yes to all the people who say I don't use names. Just complain about that later. You may think I was kidding with saying getting hacked twice a week. In fact I think it happened three times once. Raiding is about consistency if you don't have it then you are hard to rely on and such. He of course couldn't be, and I was done with it. Refused to invite him back for it. I of course thought it was over and done with, and he had accepted it.

I was wrong. Do people forget that I am told pretty much anytime someone talks about me on Llane. It gets bothersome at times, but I hear about it. So someone saying that they were too good and above and beyond myself and everyone else in my guild you have to think I will hear about it. Fact is I was done with it and expected him to go about however long he would be playing his toon until he was hacked again. So he must define too good by dying to not being behind an iceblock, iceblocking the raid, can't run out of blistering cold, fail to drop a portal as a warlock on LK, get mind controlled as a vampire on Blood Queen, and of course failing to switch DPS to oozes on Putricide. Maybe he is confused by the definition.

You don't bad mouth me or anyone in my guild without hearing it from me.


  1. Game, set, match...


  2. someone just got told hehe