Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For the longest time I have had people troll me. I guess it would be weird if I didn't have people say anything about me. The fact of the matter is people can do and say what they please, there really is nothing anything anyone can do or say to change the way I do things. If someone can't take a joke or being a little poked fun at then really they take this game to seriously. If anyone has anything to say about me they have to know I will be right there to fire back. I know many who have been at the other end, and I can't say that would be a place I would ever like to be in.

I have never really understood the theory of a troll though. Take the guy last night 2+ hours in trade chat talking about me on a Level 1 toon. Using of course a former guildmate as a namesake. Now for awhile I had a little fun watching his ranting over random crap. How do they keep themselves entertained for so long? Should I feel pride that I did something to someone so drastic that they felt the need to go on and on for hours. What did he really expect to get out of the entire situation?

Love me or hate me I will always be Gauss.


  1. that guy was an idiot 2 hours wasted on nothing


  2. Causing drama is always fun

  3. I think what you do is all in good fun. People hide behind bullshit just to make themselves feel better as a person. Keep doing what you do Gauss and have a great time.