Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday all. First off to all the Alliance I will be there today to charge in and make you all kiss the floor, I know you missed me yesterday. It is Sunday though so it is Ask Gauss so without making you all wait any longer let's get to that.

What do you do when raiders come unprepared to raids?

Well in Three Score I have a system in place so this never happens. Supply all flasks, pots, foods, and all those other things you use for raids. All they have to do is throw in the guild bank their weekly contribution(150g) and then get all of that provided for them for the week no questions asked. I find this not only gives the raiders one less thing to worry about, but gives them more time to focus on the encounters we will be doing. This also instills a form of responsibility that they must have their gold in the guild bank every Tuesday. Also my hope is that the raiders understand that everyone has a take in each and every pull. It is not just your repairs and pots you would be wasting if you make a stupid mistake and are not focused, because you have a take in everyone's for each and every pull.

Now this is a lot more work for myself and the officers to organize, but in the end the extra work in getting everything together to craft, cook, and make is worth it in the end. Now you will get people on the outside saying "you force your guildies to pay a membership", but that is not it at all. It is providing a service that works out cheaper for the guildies then if they got it all themselves. Mostly because when you do things on a larger scale (like buying in bulk) it will always work out to be cheaper.

Do you think flying mounts will ruin the leveling experience?

Well in all honestly I think it will. Even if I look forward to things being quicker and such. You see when you level now you walk around the roads and paths to get to the next zone. While doing this you see the area and everything else around you on the way. With flying mounts you, of course, are not going to have that. What is the point of all the paths, which will be around if no one is going to use them? Also I have nightmares of the first week where everyone has like these massive flying mounts all around quest givers and you can't click on who needs to be clicked on let alone actually see the towns and quest hubs around you.

Now they could make flying mounts as part of the questing experience. How so? Well they could have plateaus and not have all the quest hubs right beside one another so that instead of "walking along the road to the next zone" it was built to fly to it. So all of those things I talked about heading to the next zone or hub exist still, but are meant to experienced with a flying mount. I guess if I had a beta key I could tell you if they accomplished this...

Does repeatably asking for an invite increase the chances of getting one?


So that is it for this week. Enjoy what is left of your weekend, and Alliance be ready I am coming.


  1. I never even thought about that with flying mounts. I am going to miss all that :(

  2. Flying mounts the new Mammoth...