Monday, July 12, 2010

Shadowmorne Items

Time for another rant this one about the Shadowmorne items, and how people deal with them. First of all yes the person who completes the Shadowmorne and then kills the Lich King gets these items. The question is who do these belong to? Some would say to the person who has the Shadowmorne since well they may have bought the saronites for the weapon, and of course it is their weapon. The guild since they were the ones that supplied the raid to get all the required drops, and the completion of the quests, of course.

The answer is really both. Yes, they are just Vanity items, but they are artifacts in themselves. I have seen people selling them, which to me is wrong. My thoughts are the person who gets the Shadowmorne is fair to keep a couple of the items for himself. After all if he paid for the saronites and was part of the raid that was successful at completing Shadowmorne. It really couldn't have been done without them. This does not mean he can just sell the unwanted items to the highest bidder in hopes of hitting the gold cap before the expansion. They do not belong to you to do such things. You could not have got your weapon without the 24 others along the way. There would not have been a chance at all at getting it without those 24 people.

I will receive my Shadowmorne in a couple weeks and I will keep a couple of the items, but the others belong to the guild and no one else. They will never be used to make a quick profit or be exploited in anyway. They reflect an accomplishment of the guild and therefore should be treated as such. I hope any of you who gets a Shadowmorne or someone in your guild gets one that they also do the right thing,


  1. well said Gauss I hope all those idiots who sold their items knows how much a slap in the face to the group that helped them get their Legendary. This is why making them BoE in the first place was wrong

  2. I hate the arguement that Blizzard shouldn't have made them BoE if they didn't want people to sell them. Don't you think someone might have missed the LK kill and deserved the item?

  3. I actually am a little bit sad everytime I see someone posting in chat/forums about selling the items. I agree that it is wrong.

    We decided to give the items to our guild. The people that listened to all the complaints when fragments didn't drop and helped to craft the items by continuously being there to raid each night. After each Shadowmourne that we've created, we have the wielder pass over the 5 items and we let the raid team roll on each item. If you had previously won one of the 5 items from the earlier shadowmourne you were ineligible for a second item.

    The way we saw it was that the Shadowmourne recipient has the weapon itself as a reminder of his achievements in the zone, although they are still eligible to roll for the chest items.

    This has worked very well for us, and the guild has been very pleased with the decision.

  4. I am glad others feel the same way. They are rewards to the guild for the accomplishment. Sure they mean nothing towards advancing your toon, but they still mark that accomplishment. I think doing so also shows that no one person is above another, which is also very important in building unity and respect in a guild.