Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Fail At Ruby Sanctum If...

So yesterday I had a lot of real life stuff going on and didn't get a chance to make my Fail Day post. That just means Fail Day got push till today. You would think people would be ok missing a post from me for one day. This obviously wasn't the case. Apparently, people thought I was killed, seriously injured, quit WoW, abducted by a mob of ret pallies, or got crushed by a giant Pi sign. Well none of those were the case although it was quite funny reading them all, and still many more to go... Shall we get to the fail then?

You Fail At Ruby Sanctum If...
  • You can't interrupt and get knocked into the patrolling trash pack.
  • You are confused why your debuff keeps getting higher without you running out
  • You believe conflag is code for go hug someone
  • You ask "how does one hibernate an add?"
  • You believe the group up and CC strat is effective here
  • You get stuck outside the giant circle of fire
  • You forget that Halion is a dragon and cleaves, tail swipes, and has a breath attack
  • You watch the meteor come down as smacks you in the face
  • You still believe standing in fire gives haste
  • You confuse running to the edge of the area with standing there and doing nothing
  • When entering the twilight portal you die to a cleave
  • You stand in awe as the giant laser beam does what R-Kelly does 12 year olds
  • The concept of moving clockwise seems difficult
  • Stop DPS and get back to a 50% split means blow all cooldowns and wipe the raid

and finally

  • You ask why you aren't getting the ICC buff

That is it for this week. Even if it is a day late. Don't worry I don't plan on missing a post anytime soon. As always thank you for the support.


  1. I was having withdrawl. I feel better than


  2. YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!!

    and btw "You stand in awe as the giant laser beam does what R-Kelly does 12 year olds" is win LOL

  3. "You still believe standing in fire gives haste."

    It's like an ear worm. You can't even say it in jest because someone BELIEVES it.


  4. Dammit gauss... sometimes you port into a cleave, it can't be helped :P