Friday, July 30, 2010

Your Favourite Boss Quotes

So as I realized I forgot to give a topic for this week's Reader post I have decided to take all the feedback I got from the favourite boss quotes in wrath to compile what others favourite quotes from boss have been over the years. This will basically show all of you who decide to not play with your sound on what you are indeed missing.

"WHAT" -Uther the Lightbringer CoS

"Glad you could make it Uther" -Arthas CoS

"Did you honestly think an agent of the Lich King would be bested on the field of your pathetic little tournament?" -The Black Knight ToC

"Trifling Gnome, your arrogance will be your undoing" -Lord Jaraxxus ToC

"My cup runeth over" -Valanar ICC

"Patchwork want to play" -Patchwork Naxx

"Rise my soldiers. Rise and fight once more" -Noth Naxx

"No!!! A curse upon you, interlopers! The armies of the Lich King will hunt you down. You will not escape your fate..." -Kel'thuzad Naxx

"Choke on your suffering" -Marwyn HoR

" delicious" -Falric HoR

"What hope do you have, brazing blinding into my domain, to employ magic, against me?" -Malygos EoE

"I have such fascinating things to show you" -Nexus Prince MT

"SCURRY" -Gruul GL

"The Menagerie is for guests only" -Curator Kara


"I will crush your delusions of grandeur" -High Astromancer Solarain TK

"You have won... Maiev... But the huntress... is nothing... without the hunt... You... are nothing... without... me..." -Illidan BT

"I wasn't finished..." -Mother BT



"Forgive me, [Name], your death only adds to my failure." -Vael BWL

"Let the games begin!" -Nefarian BWL

"Your friends will abandon you" -C'thun AQ40

"Pride heralds the end of your world! Come, mortals, face the wrath of the soul flayer!" -Hakkar ZG

"Fools...kill the one in the dress" -Rend UBRS

"It puts the tanin in the basket or else it gets the mallet again!" -Bushwacker DM North

"At your side my lady" -Mograine SM Cath

"Arise, my champion" -Whitemane SM Cath

And that was all the ones I had not previously said. To all you people who leave your sound off for some weird reason you see now what you have been missing. Enjoy your weekend all, in Canada this is exactly a long weekend!


  1. "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. Insects!

    Just how many bosses in this game call us 'insects'? Some day I'll do a count.


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  4. "Forgive me, [Name], your death only adds to my failure." -Vael BWL

    One of my most favorite to hear - It was fun using a guildies name inserted there.