Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Fail At Shadowmorne If...

So it is Tuesday and I don't have some crazy stuff to do today so you all cannot email bomb me for missing Fail Day. If that told me one thing it was that people must take a little time out of their day to see what fail I will point out to everyone. Without waiting even longer let's do something rather close to me.

You Fail At Shadowmorne If...
  • It took you more than three attempts to get Arthas' Hammer
  • You were too poor to get your own Saronites
  • You had to purchase kills for Festergut and Rotface and think you will even have a chance at the others.
  • You have had the bloods for months and have still yet to collect the saronites
  • You try to respond to the whispers the Lich King sends you
  • You think you are hearing voices when the Lich King talks to you
  • Your ability to eat slime resembles a Vegetarian's ability to eat meat
  • You decide to unholy infuse during a gas cloud
  • You get mind controled trying to execute one of your 3 bites
  • You die because you have hugging issues during Blood Queen air phase
  • You get cleaved while standing in front of Sindragosa
  • You got your frost infuse too soon and lost the buff before the boss was killed
  • You think you can get all the shards in a week
  • You put stamina gems in your Shadowmorne

and finally

  • You believe the items in the chest are yours to do with as you please.

That is it for this week. May the neck which shall go unnamed finally drop this week for me, and may all of you have a good Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. Pre Grats Gauss seems you have had Shadowmorne on your mind lately. Pressure getting to ya?


  2. Lol what about those people who think they can pay 30k to get the infusion quests done. Especially if they suck at doing the abom and the bites

  3. We had this guy always get MC'd for bites for his quest got to the point where people were betting how long till he got mc'd