Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gauss Strikes Twice In One Night

Last night there were two incidents where me speaking my mind caused some "fun".

So it appears I have caused some sort of uproar with this whole Shadowmorne items thing. Someone from a guild on my server call Ascendance was selling Shadowmorne items in trade. I asked him straight out where the gold was going and the reply was "my pocket". I went off asking him if he thought it was fair to exploit his guild in such a way and nothing was said. I have never held back and it became this fight of how he deserved the weapon. This to me is the key I never stated or argued that he was the right choice as the wielder of the weapon. My issue is the sense of entitlement that everything that comes from the weapon was his. Of course the "I paid for the saronites came up", which still is a bullshit excuse to slap the people in your guild that helped you get your weapon. When this all ended in trade chat I was mobbed from whispers from people in Ascendance being utterly pissed off that he was making gold off them and their efforts. No less than 10 people that called themselves core raiders. These people are afraid to speak their mind because he is a very high ranking member in the guild and fear they will be kicked or force out. Although, as I told them strength is numbers and obviously if they are core members the guild cannot raid without them can they? Stand up for what is right and what you believe in was my message. Exploitation is never right and should be stopped.

This of course wasn't the only uprising I called. Many of the people on the server from the "OMG I AM AWESOME BECAUSE I AM A GLAD" crowd have this thing against me. They of course see arena as the greatest test of skill in this game. As many of you know who read this blog, I decided not to arena in Wrath from the very beginning because basically the trend at the end of the Burning Crusade continued. It wasn't about how good the players were it was about the spec and the combination of classes that made the team and your ability to rank. I was very successful at, but it is just not fun when it is supposed to be a competition about players, but has turned into if you are this spec and you play with this guy you will automatically be awesome as long as one of you is not completely useless. The "OMG I AM AWESOME" players of course said my point wasn't valid and stated that I could give them any 3v3 combo and they could get it to Gladiator without a problem. I of course gave them Fire Mage/Fury Warrior/Holy Priest. When I got the response why would anyone play those specs in arena. That is the point! To be a true test of ability any spec or class combination should be able to be at the top. This is of course not the current setup in arena and I of course won't go back to playing it till it is what it was meant to be.

Enjoy your Saturday! Saturday means For The Horde, watch out for me I am coming.


  1. What about today with that Metapod guy lol


  2. I love those pvp peope that think they are the gift to the game. Many of them couldn't do any raids even if they tried

  3. The Metapod conversation actually had me laughing out loud. It was great that once his argument was shot through, he ended the conversation with "Whatever, man." Yup, that's telling you, Gauss.