Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Fail At Hiding on Starcraft If...

So today is the day Starcraft II came out, for all of those who live in a box and for some reason did not know. This means today will be the first day one of the major Real ID features will be use. That, of course, being the cross game chat. I haven't got to use it yet, with picking up the game at the launch then of course my birthday I haven't really had time to sleep. That was until this afternoon of course. So with myself now feeling more refreshed let's get to this weeks edition of fail.

You Fail At Hiding On Starcraft If...
  • Your excuse for not attending raids was "I was enjoying the outdoors" then you get your Thor Pet out.
  • You reason for not having enough gold for repairs is "Not Enough Minerals"
  • When you say "gn" you hop into a different vent channel with the Starcraft players
  • You have created a pull macro saying "Nuclear Launch Detected"
  • When asked why your DPS has been low you respond "Insufficient Vespene Gas"
  • You forget you have the Raid Leader on Real ID when you switch games because you "had to go early"
  • You are now referring to the Guild Leader as Commander
  • You are logging off for the night, but ask if it would be a problem to use vent
  • You do real time status updates on Real ID of your progress in the the games single
  • You say "omg rogues can stealth like ghosts"
  • For The Horde doesn't happen because "you have a prior engagement"
  • You left raid members die at random because you think you can just build more.

and finally

  • You have played more hours on Starcraft than you have slept and respond to whispers as follows "ojqopkclqm wqljdonbcq qojo dqm"

Hope you like this week's edition of fail. Happy Free Loot Tuesday and good luck in your slaying of Internet pixels


  1. what about executor?


  2. Rofl..."You are now referring to the Guild Leader as Commander". I always thought, right after "High Warlord", this was the other title members of "Three Score" already used when addressing you.

    "For The Horde doesn't happen because "you have a prior engagement"". HAHAHAHAHA I appreciate the early notification. I'll grind rep or bake cookies or read a book this weekend.

    And I'll thank you to not insult my box. It's a nice box. See? Curtains and cats and Dr Pepper and chocolate ice cream and a Mac that plays WOW.