Monday, July 19, 2010


So Monday I always look forward to checking on the progress of the guild [Undergeared]. For those of you not familiar with them, they are a guild who has been doing all of Wrath content on 10 man only in blues. They are up to 8/12 ICC at the moment and I was looking forward to them getting Halion down this past weekend. When I saw this post over at the Greedy Goblin:

Only 8 people were online last raid (damn the Summer), but we still went to practice on Halion. Well, he enrages after 8 mins on normal too:11.15M HP over 8 mins is 23.2K raid DPS. Assuming 2 tanks = 1 DPS, it's 3.8K DPS with 3 healers and 4.64K with 4. While the first is below Festergut DPS with ICC buff, there are way too much movement around to make it possible. Until they nerf him to the ground of course, to allow "friendly helpfull guilds" to kill him. It's only matter of time before he joins the other impossible bosses.

They are giving up. This is a big disappointment to me, they have been a a guild that I have used to push people to strive to preform at the top of their ability. "Look at what this guild can do, imagine what you could do if you maxed out yourself." Over and over they have had their naysayers saying that Gormok would 1 shot you, your dps couldn't bring down Anub before the enrage, DBS enrage is not possible, and finally not enough dps for Festergut. Halion was a big deal for me because it was something that was current and no raid buff involved. Also it is a pretty much a position fight, and succeeding at this would show that skill would be the most important quality to have in this game. I really hope they are not discouraged and try this some more. If they do it after a nerf, yes they would have still done it in blues, but wouldn't be the same.

Also I am not sure this will get nerfed at all or at least not until 4.0. At that point really though progression is an after thought and not thought of so much as an accomplishment. Keep working in ICC get all that done, kill the Lich King prove the naysayers wrong that it was possible, but also come back to Ruby Sanctum and get it done.


  1. That is realyl disappointing. They really have pushed me to be better since they were catching up to where I currently am. I really hope they keep at it and bring him down.


  2. Ah that sucks probably so disappointed in themselves

  3. Wait Wait! They went in there with 8 people. 8! I refused to take less than 10 in there. They took down Savione, Bathlarus and the dragon my MT called "Whathisnuts". Plus, all the trash, with 8 people in blues!!!!!

    Man, I'll buy then all sulfuron slammers until they pass out. I took some of my best people in there on Saturday and we had difficulty and we were ALL in i232 or higher gear. They got to Halion while wearing BLUES!

    My raid leaders say Halion ranks up there with end ICC fights. I don't know as I haven't been dragged beyond Fester and his brother. Halion is all about positioning in Phase 2. Phase 1 is a piece of cake and give you plenty of opportunity to yell "Don't stand in the fire, noob!" But the first time we tried it, no one died in Phase 1. Phase 2 is the puzzle for us.

    Maybe they can't do Halion in blues but at least they tried, with 8 no less. For them to try it and get to Halion is, to me, a huge, Huge, HUGE success.