Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ask Gauss

So I have been getting a lot of emails lately. With which I have had a terrible time trying to reply to them in what I think is a timely manner. 2-3 days in my opinion is too long, but I am working on improving this. With this in mind many people have just been asking me for advice on specific things. So I had this idea. I can just make this into a weekly thing where people can ask questions and I will answer them right on the blog. Of course these would be questions which would actually benefit answering for everyone on here. So if you ask me if I have a dog named Pi, I am not going to answer that here. I guess we could make this a Wednesday thing since well today is Wednesday and I am starting it today. So on with it then.

How is it possible you can make so much gold?

This is not a gold making blog and I don't intend to make it one, but I can give you all a few tips. First off you really have to have gold to make it a lot of it. To get started off you need a basic or small purse of it. Getting this basic amount of gold can be done through dailies and running the random heroic. You can get the badges buy gems and sell them to the countless people that will buy uncut gems. Or you could cut them and sell that way. One thing to think about is purple gems only use 10 badges and sell for about 20% less than reds which use 20 badges. So be smart. Keep in mind also all the greens, junk, and enchant mats you can get doing these heroics.

If your interested in making a lot of gold the best way to do it is to expand the amount of things you sell. Don't focus on one thing. Because just like the real world markets can crash. Try to focus on items with high turnover rates like Vellums and Bags. Of course there are others, but I can't give you al lthe secrets. Also you have a profession(you should have otherwise this is another topic all together) use it, the cooldowns are easy money. If you want more tips on this I will lead you to a couple of people I get ideas from Just my two Copper and Greedy Goblin.

While Raid Leading are you super serious or do you joke around like you do on here?

I play this game for fun. It is a game. What you have to realize though is everyone who is raiding with you is also there to have fun. No one likes wiping for pointless reasons. So as I do joke around I also make sure the raid is focused on the goal at hand. I don't want anyone to waste my time so I keep that in mind. If someone isn't doing what they are supposed to I will tell them. If keeps happening well then it is something that has to be dealt with. If it is a new fight I expect everyone to be prepared and read up. Although I will admit some of my write ups are long and wordy, but I also give a basic run through to see if people completely understand the points I was trying to get across.

I also try to develop strats that work for us as a group. There are many sites out there that do write ups, but you know your guild and what they can do. The basics might be the same but there might be some tweaks you work in to work for your group of raiders.

So to answer I guess I am serious, but I try not to loose sight of the fact this is indeed a game.

Why do you hate ret pallys so much?

Do I really have to have a reason?

So that is basically how it will work. I'll do 2-5 questions based on how long the responses are. I will ask from now on if people want their names included with the questions. Also be sure to keep sending in your new macro suggestions you have till tomorrow night.


  1. Great idea Gauss although then people will think you are not an ass.


  2. So really why the ret pally hate?

  3. Great idea Gauss, but do you have a dog named Pi?


  4. I seriously think Gauss got his ass monkey-stomped by a Ret Pally somewhere along the way. Not that he will ever admit...

  5. He explained it to me once. It goes back to classic wow and BC when ret pallys were completely awful. So it is like an old joke that just sticks around.