Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is an interesting topic. Everyone knows every so often I write a post a little on the serious side. People then email asking for me to do it more or email and ask me why I didn't post anything funny or insulting. Guess you can't make everyone happy. I don't feel I could do it all the time because I don't think I could think of that many topics people would find interesting. Secondly if I did it more often people would probably get bored of it and they wouldn't have the that wow factor I always get. So since I am done with the explanation let's get down to it.

Forgiveness in a game is an interesting concept mostly because you are recognizing that it really is more than a game. How so you ask? When someone does something, which they want to be forgiven for it is because they can see the effects of it. That feeling you shame or guilt or steping over the line. You don't ask this or expect it from something you see as fake. For example I don't ask for forgiveness when that damn polar bear lady refuses to give me the mount and I pelt her with snowballs. But I do if I feel I may have forgotten something or didn't do everything I could for one of my guildmates.

This makes me think why people find this so important. Is it that you feel that closes the book on the entire ordeal, and you can both just move on. When someone leaves your guild and wants to come back. Why do they see the need for forgiveness? Is it guilt of why they left? Or do they honestly just want back and they feel that is the only to do so. Either way they feel it is somehting which is supposed to happen.

Think of it also in the context of people who lie. Why did they do so? What were they trying to get out of it? You could tell everyone in your raid, guild, or PUG the truth, but you chose to lie. Now would you ask all of these people forgiveness if they found out? Of course not. They have a variety of care levels. It is like that guy you cut off on the way to work. Would you tell him you were sorry? Probably not. The answer to me is simple just like out in the real world your relationship with the people you play with effects the decisions you choose to make. In simple terms your Care-O-Meter. Think about it before anyone you talk to today online. What is their rank on such a meter? Is that really different than how you would react to someone out in the real world? So yes, once again it is a game but we apply our real world habits into practice because we see it as much more than that. Just something to think about.

So weekend is just about over so I will have more to complain about during the week. Next Friday's reader's post topic will be about "reasons for afk" they can be yours or ones you have heard. As always you have till Thursday evening to submit them.


  1. You always scare me when you do posts like this. They are a good read though.


  2. Person is an asshole real life or not I am not going to give them the time of day