Monday, January 25, 2010

Understanding Those Who Understand

So running a guild in addition to leading raids can be quite stressful at times. It is not that I don't enjoy it because I do. The whole leadership thing is something, which has always been natural to me. I have a way of thinking and a mind set to go at problems full force. I guess this comes from my Mathematical background or what makes me good at mathematics in the first place. I will get back to you on that if I ever find out the answer. This brings me to my point. Sometimes there are just people who don't get it. No matter how much you explain, no matter what way you say it. They will never get it through their head. Obviously in a guild raid the problems are different then in my For The Horde's or Old School runs. I would say mostly because I have assembled people in the guild who are like minded and want to succeed as much as I want the guild to succeed. Of course this doesn't mean there are not a fair amount of mistakes, but just of a different variety. The other raids people may just be there for the run to get that achieve or just to see what they haven't seen. They are less focused or generally not of the same mind as myself. These people may enjoy wiping pointlessly or don't see the purpose of having to listen to someone who knows what he is doing. Or maybe they are just what I like to refer to as "a special kind of stupid".

Now I see how this makes me sound. Like I think I know more than everyone and I am better than them. My answer to this question is the same every time someone asks it. "Not everyone". I will never say I know more than everyone about anything, but the difference is I know more than a lot of people about specific things, and I am well versed in others. If I don't know or I am unsure I will let it be known, but I will always have an opinion and that opinion and focus will always be in the best interest of those involved. I don't like my time wasted, so I pledge the same to others.

Ashdod gave me the brought my attention to this photo, which I feel helps the way those not understanding my point. So take a look.

Of course there is humor to this, but it has an underlying point. Don't get in over your head listen to those how understand what is going on, and respect them. You can voice your opinion, but realize that it is an opinion just like anyone else. Enjoy the last day of your lockout.


  1. Well done Gauss. I think this is why people ask you questions and want to hear your opinion. Sure you have this aura about you that people may shy away from, but when you get down to it you will give it to them straight up.

  2. So how many ret pallys head's have exploded?