Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Fail At Trash If...

Ok so it's Tuesday, which is the time of the week to look at peoples fails! I have had requests of what the topic should be so by all means keep submitting them and if I can put something together for it I will. Of course these are supposed to be humorous and have an element of truth to them. So be sure to keep that in mind when you submit a topic.

You Fail At Trash If...
  • When told to DPS skull you find yourself hitting nipple
  • All your keybinds are AoE spells
  • You're afk
  • You pull aggro and die because you were dpsing the wrong mob
  • You DPS from the front of a cleaving mob
  • You tab target and pull the next pack
  • Your assist macro is on a healer
  • You /follow someone who is most likely going to try and get you killed
  • You have your Chef's hat on
  • You complain you're in pain just to get out of it
  • You think it's the time to put a pizza in the oven
  • You think the mob that looks like a sheep is the one you are going to blow all your cooldowns on and dps down.
  • You think it is time to explain your goals in life
  • Leave your mic open while you take hits on your bong
  • When you have aggro you run in the completely opposite direction of the tank and then complain when you die

and finally

  • You wipe

And there you have it. Free Loot Tuesday awaits you!


  1. But my pizza needs to be ready so I can take an afk to take it out during a boss pull.

  2. Tab Targetting is the secret to awesomeness


  3. I learned to afk on trash in MC. Also learned how to auto follow

  4. @Mac...ROFL

    Best pizza story...

    Spent 2 weeks with 4 others gearing up to get into Black Morass to finally get our Kara keys. We'd run in and try and get a little farther each time. The next day, we'd do two or three heroics for more gear and go back in.

    Finally, we go in one Sunday night, 8 p.m. after running heroics since 4 in the afternoon. We are tired and kind of sick of each other but we are going to get that damn dragon down this time. Our pally healer, before we go in, calls his fave pizza joint and orders pizza. It was a busy night and he was told AT LEAST 50 minutes. NP. We'll be done by then. (I know you can see this coming.)

    We are on a roll. We get to wave 12 and the tank gets no heals and drops. We look over and the pally is just standing there. Has he DC'd? There was no notice that he DC'd. We tried but we failed.

    7 minutes go by and the healer comes back. Seems his pizza was early and the delivery guy could not make change for a $18.67 pizza when handed a $20. Our healer had to help the guy make change all the while knowing we were dying.

    It was called "Pizza Morass" for the longest time. We decided we were sick of the place and we really didn't want to go to Kara anyway. That was an epic, epic pizza fail.