Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Fail At Staying Connected If...

Tuesday. What does that mean? Well it's Free Loot Tuesday. It means I can farm souls for my Shadow's Edge, it means I have the pleasure of doing 100000 swaps in and out of raid and it means someone is bound to ask if I can run For The Horde. Oh and it also means it is time for this weeks You Fail. So let's get to it.

You Fail At Staying Connected If...
  • Your ping is greater than your age squared
  • Your experience in the game is lag or more lag
  • You believe me when I say /camp is the answer
  • You keep linking a piece of loot and wonder why you keep getting booted
  • You have ret pally Internet ie dial up
  • When told to power cycle your modem you laugh because you thought it was a new WoW joke
  • "The Running Man" is your nickname
  • You rename cities with the word "lag" inserted into them
  • You don't put a password on your router
  • You just googled "router"
  • When you answer your cell you dc
  • You have a macro to disconnect yourself or others
  • You argue about how your satellite Internet is awesome only to find out you disconnected while explaining
  • Less people know the name of your ISP than the amount of "friends" Bagellord has
  • You forget to plug in your laptop
  • You preform 3 casts without seeing any of them happen

and finally

  • When you come back from a dc everyone knows why you dc'd even without you explaining why

May the boss drops be with you!


  1. We have a "running man" in my guild. Well its a guild but still.

  2. I used to have a microwave oven that operated on the same frequency as my router. If anyone in the house microwaved anything, it disconnected me from WoW.....yeah those were the days...sigh.

  3. I love people that dc on pull they are awesome


  4. You fail at making a post about people who fail at staying connected if...

    You title it "You fail at staying connecting"

  5. I actual had it fail at conencting then changed it. Swore I changed it but guess not. Always happy the grammar police are around

  6. My ping is higher than my age squared =(

    Australian lag makes that possible!