Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ask Gauss

It is Wednesday, bring on the questions! To go over some quick ones first. Yes I call random people idiots, yes I have attempted to kill my neighbours cat, no I am not 300lbs, no I will not give you gold, and maybe I remember you from that time we did that thing and killed some stuff. Ok let's get to the ones that require a little more thought.

Does it bother you that some people have such a dislike towards you?

Honestly, no. I play this game for fun and I know of course people will not find things that I do amusing. I also know that some people take things I say way to seriously. I joke around and if people don't like it so be it. I am not going to shove myself in their face and force them to like me. I know I have opinions and not everyone is going to agree. That is just the way things are. The hate mail actually is some of the best to read. I got an email from someone who worked at World Vision saying my "food buffs are for African children" joke was going to far. If it was or not that is not the point it was a joke. Have you not heard a Bob Burnham song? Completely offensive, but you will laugh your ass off. If I can say something and it makes people laugh, then I have done what I set out to do, because really isn't that the point of a joke? People are in their own right to say and think what they want. If someone wants to ignore me or talk crap then so be it, but respect I may do the same. I know full well people will have issues with me or anyone else. Just the way things will always be. People will never agree with everything I say. What fun would that be anyway? Not everyone is going to get along and I don't expect it. Really I just think because I am "there" people notice it.

Do you think less people play ret pallys because you make fun of them?

Of course not. Although, I do find it amusing that all these ret pallys link me meters of them at the top after a heroic. I feel there is this game of back and forth I play with all ret pallys. It is a running joke from way back in classic WoW and I am not going to stop now. I have 3 ret pallys in my guild all of whom are good players, and you can ask them I make fun of them on a daily basis.

If less people played them I would be in fact be disappointed. I would have to write a new set of material on a completely different class. Besides nothing brings people together than pointing and laughing at ret pallys. Just as with the previous question. When I am joking around don't take nothing to seriously and laugh because most of the time it's funny.

How many mails do you get a day?

OVER 9000! Ok that was bad, but its almost true.

That is it for this week. Keep writing and I will keep replying. I have a system to keep me on schedule now. Remember Thursday is your last day to submit your reason for AFKs. You can just give reasons like many have or you can explain a specific time when someone went. I will include all types for Friday's post.


  1. I love your ret pally joke yesterday in trade.
    "So this ret pally has this friend" made me laugh.


  2. Even if people dislike you at least you're honest


  3. I enjoy the ret pally humor. Makes me laugh all the time.

  4. I actually think Gauss enjoys that people dislike him. Seems to get him on a roll.

  5. I am scared to know how many mails Gauss gets he is always by that mailbox...