Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ask Gauss

So today is the second edition of what I hope to be a very informative and weekly thing. It's on Wednesday's because well that's when I started it. For anyone who missed last week's, basically you just send me a question you want answered, and if I think it would be something everyone would be interested in I will put it up here. So here goes.

Why do keep doing For the Horde's and Old raids if you already have the achievement?

The answer to this isn't difficult at all. Besides my silly quest to get everyone a Black War Bear I enjoy world PvP. I miss the days of TM vs SS and the fights at XR and Astranaar. Although the lag was insane the epicness of it was amazing. Sure it was mostly unorganized for the most part but it had the real warcraft feel. I am a great fan of the games lore and as you all must know there is no good or bad. There is Alliance vs Horde and then them against everyone else. For the Horde is just a way to rally people to do world PvP. If there was another way I would do that. It really is something I hope Blizzard takes a look at in the future to bring it back. World PvP shouldn't jsut be about ganking people.

With Older raids it is kind of the same thing with something else as well. I love to see how the game has progressed over the years. It is really mind boggling. I was there seeing all that content when it was new so I am a good person to gauge it. It is also very sad sometimes how easy it is done now, since I remember being there night after night putting my time in to earn that kill. When I do these runs I try to explain the fights so people know what it was like when it was current content. Some fights are still challenging(when you make them so) 8 manning Kael in TK was fun as was 2 manning MC. The fact of the matter is the content is still in the game and I want people to see what I have seen regardless if it is currently a joke to do.

Why do you care if people do things "wrong"?

As was said here "wrong" is all a matter of interpretation. I know some people play this game for different reasons some may not be interested in raiding at all. If that is the case they really it doesn't apply. I have researched all classes, know specs, gems, and chants which are the best for every class. I do this so I am more knowledgeable and know how each class works. I am not an expert by any means and I know there is always more to learn. But i do know more than the average person. When people ask me for help I gladly give them my advice and my opinion. Do they need to take it? Of course not. I was telling them what I believe would increase their DPS, HPS, TPS, or survivability. What bugs me is not when people think they know better, because frankly I know some people do. It is when they discount me as knowing nothing. This is when I take offense to it. The great thing about this game is there is no wrong way. Of course there are better ways to do things, but there is no wrong.

Do you have plans to meet Bagellord or Wally?

umm no.

So that is all for this week. Send in your questions and I will be glad to answer them. Also tomorrow is the last day to send in your WoW jokes for Friday's post. Enjoy less raiding numbers today Free Loot Tuesday was yesterday!


  1. Don't worry Gauss I know you know your shit.


  2. I don't think Bagellord and Wally in the same room would not blow up the world

  3. I'm glad there is someone on the horde side who appreciates the older material as you do, Gauss. SD ran MC tonight and, with the exception of 2 people, none of us was either around or of sufficient level to experience a Baron Geddess fight with 39 other guild members. We wondered just what it was like to coordinate who kills which healer next to Sulfuron and how much yelling there had to be when Ragnaros would smash your MT and kick the OT into the lava. Some places, such as BWL and AQ40, level 80's will perish if you don't learn the rudimentary fights.

    I agree that there should be more World PvP than there currently is. I think one reason there isn't more is that the world is so large. If SD attacks Kargath, for instance, I'm willing to bet 75% of the horde is in Northrend. It just takes way too long to get to Eastern Kingdoms or Outland to defend an outpost.

    From my point of view, when horde attack Auberdine, say, a druid, a rogue and a DK, meh. It annoys the heck out of someone trying to turn in or pick up quests, but, in the grand scheme of things, it's just Auberdine. Maybe if I cared more, my guild mates would care more.

    SD was in Thunder Bluff last Saturday to shoot Cairne with our air rifles and then kill him. It took us 10 minutes, but we did it, with 10 people. There were no defenders. We had horde come watch us kill Cairne but no defenders. I think that's pretty much the same way for Tyrande or what's his face in Exodar and. It's hard to muster people to defend.

    I know I missed last Sunday's FtH visit. I was busy. I hope I get to defend this weekend.


  4. Listen to Gauss he knows what hes talking about. He will tell you straight what you need to do to be better.

  5. Old Content is fun. The fights back then used to have a lot more to them especially in BC. With wrath they have made a lot of things easier I don't know if we will ever see BC difficulty again.

  6. He always answers my questions whenever I ask ever if I am a ret pally lol