Friday, January 22, 2010

You Did What Now?

TGIF right? Where everyone comes to the blog to see what other people want to share. I find it interesting that it is one of my highest volume days, because basically I write practically nothing. Are you all trying to tell me something? Regardless, today is all about what you have made other people do. So sit back and laugh as much as I did.

I once convinced someone there was a secret quest like the one in Blackrock Mountain that you could only see when you were dead. Except this was in the Feralas by those dragons. He was a new guildie and he really would believe anything we told him. You know trying to show everyone he was committed. He basically was looking around there for a good hour. When he was about to give up, since he finally figured out we were messing with him. This was until he thought he saw a "!". We let him look for another hour before we finally told him.

At level 60 you must remember the Spear you get from AV was a pretty good weapon. Well talking about that with someone in Org he eventually asked me where I got it. Just joking around I said it dropped from King Mosh in Un'goro. Now I was just joking around when later that week the guy whispered me giving me crap because he was farming him non stop. Apparently after all those kills on him he decided to look up the loot table and find out I was just kidding.

I convinced a low level in my guild once that since he destroyed his hearthstone he could never get it back. He ended up leveling from 20-55 without one until someone finally told him just to talk to an innkeeper.

When my friend started playing he was a major Diablo player. You see in Diablo when someone kills you and you have gold on you they can take it. So we had him mailing his gold to alts every time he left the city, since he was afraid he was going to lose it. Some bastard in the guild finally told him the truth, but it was funny while it lasted.

I pretended I was a chick for months and months so I could get free stuff from all the guys. It wasn't till one day I joined the wrong vent and said something making fun of them that I was found out.

I linked a red bug in trade chat and someone asked me where I got it. I told him you had to farm the bugs in Silithus. About a month later he whisperers me "you got so lucky I have been farming these forever and haven't gotten a damn thing". I thought I could have told him right there I was kidding, but I decided to say "Don't worry keep at it you will get it".

There was this guy on the server that I hated. He was such a moron and would argue about everything and really just drove me insane. So I saw him standing around one day, and I thought of a really evil plan. We actually had a civil conversation, but it was all part of the plan. We started talking about gems and I convinced him to change 90% of his gems. The best part was they were spirit and he was a pally. Even better is we had this conversation he switched everything and started arguing in trade about any pally that didn't gem spirit was an idiot. The whole time he's whispering me "these idiots just don't understand".

For a little bit I think it was a month or so you could order takeout through in WoW uses the /panda thing. We were talking about in one day in guild chat and this was months if not almost a year after when someone logged on and saw we were talking about it. Some how he still thought this could happen and we convinced him all you had to do was open a ticket with a GM to get the service active. We told him you could get Chinese, pizza, and so many other kinds of takeout. He was a little pissed when the GM answered his ticket and said he was duped.

We had this really awful player in our guild, but we had this policy of not kicking people for that reason. I know, I know we should have just kicked him. Instead we convinced him that his wife was cheating on him because he played WoW too much. He ended up quiting the game and we never heard from him again.

I honestly convinced someone that standing in fire increased their dps. I said things like you don't have to move, you get higher regen, and so much more crap and the idiot believed me. I felt bad, but not for him for the people he would be playing with.

So there you have it. Thanks for all the submissions next weeks topic will be given out on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow just wow some people are jsut stupid.


  2. Why would you have a rule not to kick people who suck?


  3. I still always chuckle when I remember sending raiders to their deaths in MC.
    We'd tell them they could see Rag if they looked through the crack in the wall behind Golemagg.

  4. someone people are so retarded its not even funny

  5. Even now, on TOTC 10 and 25, some of my friends will always wait until right before Anub when the Lich King comes out and they will take the ONE person who has never been there and convice him or her that he or she has to interrupt the Lich King or we will all fall through the floor and they will wipe the raid.


  6. There actually is a smiley face underneath Kara, but depending on your class it's hard to get under there. I know that undead and belfs can get under there, not so sure about Taurens. I do have it screen shotted.

  7. I'm sorry, I think the people who submitted these letters are horrible. Wow, you lied to someone who apparently trusted you and made them waste a lot of time or gold. You must be *so cool.*

  8. I think really the point was to prove that people will believe anything no matter how stupid. I really doubt those who submitted actually believed that the person they were talking to would believe them.