Monday, January 18, 2010

This Would Be a Raiding Guild

Some people apparently don't understand what it means to be in a raiding guild. Yesterday, we departed ways with a certain priest, which I will leave nameless because his name is pointless in the context of the situation. Most raiding guilds have minimum attendance requirements, these are put in place so that the group of raiders get used to one another. Therefore they can learn to play off one another. This also helps the raid leader tune strats for the group because he knows his raid. Most raiding guilds assume if you are online you are on to raid. Not on to level an alt or do battlegrounds for that honor you are missing for whatever reason. Most raiding guilds assume that you have some grasp of the fights you are going to participate in, and of course basic common sense. Standing in fire doesn't give haste and being puked on doesn't reduce your aggro.

These things can all be fixed in many ways. I am the kind of person that will give someone the benefit of the doubt once maybe even twice if I am in a good mood. Repeating the above is just something I am not going to stand for. In a raiding guild you have others depending on you and no one wants you messing it up for them. Be it wiping or you are missing an element of the raid because you were supposed to be on. I have said many times this isn't for everyone. There is also plenty of guilds you can join where doing these things would never be an issue.

Let us now go over the worst thing that can happen when you are addressed for these things. Snapping like the world is coming to an end is really not the best course of action. You not only insult the guild, but you make yourself look like nothing more than someone only capable of attaining the rank "Tickle Me Emo".

Think of this as free advice from someone who has dealt with thousands of people in WoW about every which thing. Good Luck at finishing your lockouts.


  1. goes to look who got kicked from Three Score...


  2. And that is why I do not raid :) and am not part of a raiding guild.

  3. I admire those who can raid day after day, week after week. I cannot. I'm very happy running the occasional raid, 2 maybe 3 times a week. The vast amount of raid opportunities makes WOW like a buffet where you can sample the salad bar first and then the veggies and get a slice of prime rib or only eat pasta. Obviously, the unnamed priest wasn't paying attention to the guild requirements and for sure they didn't read your comments in the "Wiping" post. Some people don't get it and they aren't all ret pallies.

    And thanks for fixing the title. I'll bet the word looked right for the longest time.

    -- Gimm

  4. As a sailor in the US Navy, it's very hard to stick with a raiding guild because of those scheduling conflicts, especially when it's amplified to the point of me being stationed in Japan while the entire server is a good 14 hours behind me.

    However, that doesn't mean that I don't raid. Though I might not have the best of gear, due to being a relatively new 80, I still have a decent amount to put in an effort, valuable or not. Just putting this out there.

    Overall, I deeply respect the tradition of the raiding guild, as well as your leveling ones. I agree on pretty much every aspect you've just describe there, especially the getting to know another bit.

    The only thing I disagree about is that part about if you're online, you're raiding. That doesn't make a great deal of sense to me, but what do I know? Like I said before, new 80.

    That's all I got on this one. I'll see you all online in about two to three months.