Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old School

So recently I was reunited with an old, and by old I mean very old, guild mate. So for those of you old school enough his toon's name is Wrink. Wrink was around during the High Warlord grind and was a major contributor to Three Score during classic WoW. He said something in guild chat last night that got me thinking. Thinking of a perfect topic that can bring people down memory lane. So everyone knows about those "you grew up in blah blah decade" things so we will do it this way.

You Know You're Old School WoW If You Remember Any Of This
  • /who Orgrimmar created less results than /who Barrens
  • You made fires with flint and tinder
  • Tauren's dropping on all fours
  • 40 man Scholo Raids and wiping
  • Epic mounts that were just different colours and had no armor
  • South Shore vs Tauren Mill
  • Do you know anyone who has an UBRS key?
  • Leveling Poisons
  • First Aid as a primary profession
  • No Horde Graveyard in the Hinterlands
  • Stuck at authenticating
  • AV ended with Tuesday maintenence
  • The room of upside down cinders
  • Out of combat Rezers
  • Throwing Purples
  • Dishonorable Kills
  • Hakkar's Poison wiping Orgrimmar
  • The hammer of Zul'frak
  • The Scepter of Celebras
  • Betting on the races in Shimmering Flats
  • Porting people out of MC to TB because it was funny
  • The run back from Onyxia

and finally

  • When Epics were Epic

There is a blast from the past. Quick reminder tomorrow's reader's post is what you have convinced other WoW players to do. There have been some great ones so far so keep them coming you have until tonight.


  1. I always wish I was around back then. Seems like it would have been fun.


  2. Throwing purples should be brought back Resilence has ruined the PvP aspect of the game.



  4. Oh man...making fires with flint and tinder. Someone would need buff food in the middle of an instance and you'd have the flint but not the tinder. Or you flint was taking up bag space on an alt.

    My very first UBRS raid with my guild and no one had the key, not even the Guild Leader. He stood in IF for 10 minutes asking for someone to come open UBRS. I vowed then and there to get that key.

    I still have my hammer and my scepter and the ashes to call Nightbane. Some things you just can't part with.

    Nice post, Gauss.


  5. What about no flight path in Rachet? remember that damn run?

  6. My guildies came up with a few more:

    1. Having to click your mount in your bag.
    2. Use Bloodlust more than once per fight.
    3. Attunements-right of passage
    4. Doing 2k dps was HUGE.
    5. Rogues could only singe target dps.
    6. Actually having to read a quest and not "questhelper" anything.
    7. If you were a douchebag, you stayed a douchebag - now you can re-skin and change your name.
    8. Having to run everywhere until you were level 40 and then you got a VERY SLOW MOUNT.
    9. You were rich if you had over 50g.
    10. Hunters had energy and could only lay traps out of combat.