Saturday, January 30, 2010

Must Mash Buttons

So since I have been getting tells and mails to the max, I feel the need to do a post explaining the issue. I have been messing around with Fury. Yes, you all did see me type that. Basically trying to max myself out for raids on certain fights and Fury preforms better on some compared to Arms. Also I have the gold and can respec Prot for 10 mans. Now many of the comments I have gotten have been as if people were talking to me like my mother had died in front of my eyes. Yes I hate Fury, but I will do what is needed. Let's just point out the reasons why I feel a like dirty.

Fury requires little to effort to play whatsoever. You mash like 3 buttons and can do so by not even looking at the screen. Saying it requires skill would be like a Mage saying is harder than it used to be. Well let's take that back for a second. Yes a Mage is harder than it used to be, you have more places to port to now. Back to the topic. After playing Arms and actually working at paying attention to every detail. For example with Arms you have to watch procs, timers, careful what abilities you use during bloodlust. You know all those fun things. Fury your only hindrance on DPS is if you develop carpal tunnel. Getting high DPS as Fury to me is like the accomplishment of wiping your ass. Should you really be proud of such a thing? People say grats on the awesome DPS and I am thinking if only they knew my monitor was off so I could concentrate more on the TV.

So what was the point of this? Just to let you all know I am not crazy, but I am doing it for the greater good. Even if I feel dirty. I can be a no skill champ because I can mash buttons with the best of them /flex. Maybe I should go play Halo to increase my button mashing potential then I can feel I am awesome for doing something else which takes no effort.

Happy Saturday I am off to go do finger push ups.


  1. Say it isn't so. At least Arms is still your main spec.


  2. you think fury is easy you should try a rogue.

  3. from expierence finger push ups help prevent injuries from button mashing in my opinion if you are going to go on with this maddness you should do them 3 times daily.

  4. Sorry, but I don't buy that for the greater good bs. Stay true to what you like and who you are. It's just a game. If you need the extra dps that badly, then well,'re not the person I had you pegged as.

  5. I enjoy watching my guild do well, and if I can do something which will help that than I will do it. I love playing Arms because it requires effort and timing and I have gotten pretty good at it. The point really is if I am going to go over how people can preform better on every encounter I owe it to them and myself to do the same. Now I may go overboard a little in saying how much I hate it. I know as well as mostly everyone that it is very simple to play. I am the kind of person who always wants to be the best and strive to be that. Thats what makes this game fun.