Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a Game

WoW is a game, but I am not entirely sure that is all it is. Someone who I have played this game with for over a year and a half had to leave the guild yesterday. People have left Three Score many times for many different reasons. Some of those reason were for personal gain, test the waters, issues with members, or just stopping the game all together. This was not like that at all. Three Score is a raiding guild we raid quite often Sunday through Thursday. It is not for everyone. Psychax server transferred to Llane when Three Score was on Bruttallus. For him it must have been hard to fit into an already progressed guild looking to find his place in it. He fit right in without much of a problem. In Three Score we have fun, but we get things done. When its not raid time we have fun in a variety of different ways. Some of which probably shouldn't be mentioned. He was part of it all pretty much from the get go. He was there in group 5 on M'uru pull after pull. He was also there on Kil'jaeden killing me with his flame darts. We became friends as much as you could on this game. We had much in common in real life and could relate to one another. I guess it made it much easier. When Wrath came he was one of our Death Knight rerolls. Psychax became Ashcampbell. Once again he was there, although expelled from group 5 since he had become a tank. When we downed or attempted content Ash was there always ready doing whatever was needed of him to push us further. Sadly, Ash will not be there with Three Score any longer. We will not hear his Shop Smart phonetic as often, or his smart ass comments over vent. I will not have to DE countless amounts of greens on a daily basis because they are sitting in my mailbox, f course that damn train, and who could forget you taunting me with the white polar bear.

Talking with him last night on vent was hard for us both. When he told me he had to transfer to go on with raiding. I could hear it in his voice. I could hear it wasn't what he wanted to do. It was something he had to do. He wanted to stay because he enjoyed it here. He had made connections with everyone. Real life they say can stop you from doing things you want. No one will ever think ill of you for doing what you have to do. You will always have a spot in Three Score if things change and you better come and shoot the shit with me every so often.

You will be missed. I wish you the best in all you do in game and out. /respect


  1. I know people say many things, but it is hard sometimes to see someone leave you have played with for awhile. You get used to hearing them on vent talking crap with them. I didn't know you Ashcampbell, but I know you will be missed.


  2. A friend of Gauss is a friend of mine. GL Ashcampbell.

  3. I know what you mean, that even though this is computer based, and online based friends, you can grow attached to them. "This is just a game" is a phrase I hate hearing. You can really become a good friend with someone, and it sucks to see things torn apart.

    I wanted all of the people I originally started with all on one side, one server. However, that wouldn't happen because some hate Horde, some hate Alliance. It's the right i'm Horde now. When I do play.

    Always glad to hear from ya Gauss. I hope you take it easy. :]

  4. You can meet people online and be pretty good friends. I think you said it best in a post awhile back Gauss. It's not just the game being the reason people keep playing its the people they are playing with that keep them coming back.


    I just bought this shirt today knowing how long it was my 3s phonetic.

    We're in the same battle group so who knows you might get me in a random heroic as the tank!

    See ya when you come to nebraska.

  6. nooooo!!!!! EVIL ASH!!!! COME BACK!!!!



  7. I just started playing this game. You seem like a really nice guy and funny. Server seems good as well i'll check you guys out.