Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally Caught Up

I cane finally say have caught up on all my emails! Well besides the ones I got today... I would like to say some people are strange, some people are obviously that special kind of stupid, and well some just wanted to write me something. I responded to everyone regardless even if I wasn't my normal cheery self. I have to say though damn people send me a lot of WoW jokes. All of them wanting to have them put up on the blog. So you all will get your wish! Next Friday's reader post will be about your own personal Warcraft Jokes. I am not going to put a limit on the number of submissions if I think people will find them funny I will include them. Of course, as always, if you want credit for them just say so in your email. I will include your name when I post them.

Another thing I want to point out. Although I find it extremely funny you don't have to send me a email every time you end up in a group with Wally. This guy must do heroics like mad. Too bad they don't teach gemming 101 in heroics he might have actually learned something. If you haven't had the pleasure click here. Now as you can see he no longer gems for +hit, but he still has over 500(level 90 boss). Also every socket is matched, gotta love those yellow gems. Who am I kidding I love hearing about all of you grouping with him, keep them coming. I really have a feeling we will be making Wally jokes for a long time. Pretty soon it will be like Bagellord or Ret Pallys. You just have to say it and they will be funny.

Getting back on topic. Everyone who now sends me an email now can know that it will be answered in what I consider a timely manner. Enjoy whats left of your weekend. I will leave you with something someone send me which made me chuckle.


  1. I really think Wally is going to pass Bagellord. I miss hearing about Bagellord where did he go anyway?


  2. LOl that water walking thing is awesome.

  3. excuse me while I go and send Gauss like 50 emails...