Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ask Gauss

Wednesday means time for the weekly Ask Gauss. I got a lot of worthwhile questions this week so I may save a couple for next week to publish, but I will still mail the response to the readers in question, so they do not have to wait. So let's get down to business.

What is your opinion on loot and how it should be distributed?

I am a firm believer that point systems don't work. There is always a way to horde points or cheat the system. Point systems also make it very hard to reward performance or lack of it. In my opinion point systems are for guilds who want the easy way to distribute loot. It can be quick and easy. It is final obviously most points wins. There is no ifs, no ands, and no buts. This just brings to mind the countless examples of drama after the fact. If you are interested I could explain another time, but this just isn't the place.

Three Score uses a system I firmly believe in. It is a loot council. Now I know what people are thinking this can lead to a whole list of different problems. Favourites, gear heavy people, and so on and so forth. The difference is if the council is done right and you pick the right group it can be the best way to do loot. First of all everyone should be unknown on the council besides obviously the master looter. This way people can make decisions without their friends knowing they pasted over them. They know that their vote is unknown to everyone outside the council and can make what they believe is the right decision. Secondly, it cannot be an officer group. You need a mix of regular members so their voices can be heard, which leads to the next point. The people on the council need to know what they are talking about and need to be vocal. It doesn't help to have people who just agree. There will be arguments, but in the end people will understand everyone has the best interest of the guild at heart. The only down side is the time it takes, but your guild will understand since they of course are trying to make the best possible decision.

What is the age range of people you play with and you recommend having in your guild?

This is pretty simple. I just want to be able to say what I want and not second guess myself because some one's mother is going to come on vent and tell me I shouldn't be talking like that. I play this game for fun during certain times of my day. I expect when I schedule something people also commit to those times as to not waste my time and those of everyone elses. So maybe this does set a minimum age requirement maybe it doesn't. I guess it just depends on a particular person's environment. But I will tell you this at the first signs it seems to be a problem they will be removed without a question.

Is 71 Points in frost a bad spec?


So those are the questions and answers for this week. Keep sending them in, and I will keep answering.


  1. Well I have never heard of a council down that way. if it is done correctly as you say it would work fine, but is that really possible?


  2. 12 year olds are fun. You should hear them go crazy on vent. Good times

  3. 71 points in frost FTW