Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Fail At Cooldowns If...

So it's Tuesday which means it's You Fail day. This seems to be everyone's favourite post day. Maybe it has to do with server shutdown, who knows. Let's just get to it.

You Fail At Cooldowns If...
  • When asked to use them you check the temperature of your CPU
  • You don't use your "use" trinket because you think you have to open your character window to do so.
  • You are saving them for that one special day that will never happen.
  • You use them before the pull even happens
  • You BoP Gauss in the middle of the pull
  • You don't watch your timers and end up using them when you are stunned, boss submerged, or on the move.
  • When told to use Bloodlust at a certain point you just smash the Bloodlust button whenever you hear the word.
  • You believe you have no cooldowns
  • You blow them before the tank has aggro and you die
  • You have to trinkets which share a cooldown
  • You think cooldowns are like hodir rep you are too cool to use them
  • You are one of those druids that uses your battle rez on someone who has already been rezzed
  • You misdirect a DPS who is not a ret pally
  • You complain you have no gold and yet never use any of your profession cooldowns.

and finally

  • You believe stupidity has a cooldown

Keep sending in the WoW Jokes, you have until Thursday night to do so. Maybe Free Loot Tuesday bring you the purples you are looking for.


  1. LOL "stupidity has no cooldown" isn't that a guild somewhere?

  2. We have a druid like that in my guild they dont have it on a macro so they always end up BR someone twice.


  3. "You believe stupidity has a cooldown"



  4. ROFL still laughing at the last one. Have to share that with everyone

  5. Could'nt tell how many time a druid poped bersek just when the fight started... Gratz dude, you pulled 7K dps for 10sec. around.

  6. Stupidity HAS to have a cooldown... how else do those dumbasses manage to log on?

  7. ROFL great stuff. How did I not know about this