Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gotta Love Gear Score

So always since the start of playing this game I have collected weapons. This is not just weapons which are useful, but weapons which serve absolutely no purpose. Many of you have seen my daggers enchanted with Unholy or my High Walord's Staff enchanted with Crusader. It was all done in the name of good fun. Yesterday, during the ToC guild money run no one wanted [Barb of Tarasque]. So I took it to have some fun with. I enchanted it with Executioner because there is no other enchant which can blind someone or be the direct cause of seizures. Murloc wanted to join the club and enchanted his newly bought [Dual Blade Butcher] with 45 spirit, for those you you who don't know Murloc is an Elemental Shaman. So we walked around showing our new weapons when Murloc had a great idea.

"Gauss you should make a Holy Pally set"
"Because it would be awesome. Just think you would out gear real holy pallys it would be hilarious"

And so it was started. I have started a holy pally set in order to prove that gear score means nothing. Although the humor of it all is also a nice touch. I will be sure to keep you all up to date and be sure to post pictures. With the climax of course with me going into a random heroic and doing my thing. Tell me what you think, is this stupid? Is it crazy? Or is it funny as hell?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Gauss...that's awesome. Not gonna lie seeing yu sporting this shit is going to be a blast.


  2. although it will be funny and ya will prove you can havea high gear score and be useless. It doesn't show that gear score doesn't at least tell yoou something

  3. The new version of GearScore will flag you as terribad if you equip healing gear and are ret.